Wednesday, September 2, 2015


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In the beginning, man was granted a Boon and left free in the world which had this message.. 

“Your day of 24 hrs are going to be totally yours with plenty of Resources kept in front of you.. Here, you are free to do what all you want through limitless enjoyments!”

He came back, happily expanded for few days but in no time found that life was boring with no firm aim with him.. 

He quickly sought a remedy there and the same was granted without any problem incorporating a modification to the earlier Boon which said, 

“Out of 24 hrs, 8 hrs have to go necessarily on Rest/Sleep over which you'll have no control.. But the remaining 16 hrs are fully with you and the required Resources are given to you in plenty.. At least do freely what you want in these 16 hrs through your enjoyments!”

Man very happily returned and started living the new life.. But there too soon, he got bored even with those 16 hrs..

Thus, he again had to seek a remedy over which he at length was granted a modification which said,

“Out of these 16 hrs, 8 hrs have to be spent on your Body Care and on certain Core Responsibilities but still all those required Resources are freely given to you.. Now, only the rest 8 hrs are yours.. At least be happy now doing what you want in these 8 hrs!” 

Man very happily came back and started living that life.. No doubt, the life was very much interesting in the beginning as he planned many activities in those limited 8 hrs of the day.. 

But the devil boredom never left him, followed with double speed and attacked him when the man squarely found himself helpless which soon lead him to seek a solution there again..

After many requests, that was finally granted with a pre condition
that he had to do something in those 8 hrs all of which may not be to his liking but the result of that doing alone would cover up the requirement of the other 16 hrs with no free resources left at his disposal..

Man was thus finally happy, came back with a new zeal in life and was soon into his 24 hrs busy Assignment.. Work, Personal Life and Rest/Sleep.. He was really very happy for quite sometime..

But his fate was the other way as even that was no solace as he soon became unhappy with the routine there..

There was no go for him as the boredom was killing but 
strangely at that point of time without much pleading, a Unique Modification was straight away granted to the earlier Proposal..  

“OK! Here after, this 8 hrs work will no more be a fixed entity you end up doing for the day but will be the requirement of another man called your Client and there you have to necessarily fulfill that.. Rest all will remain the same.. You are thus Blessed now in total!”

Thus the concept of Overtime at Work was born as the Work requirement comprising of the Client's need was found to have no end which invariably started eating into the time of Personal Life of the man and again as that too could not be neglected, the short fall ultimately was into his Rest/Sleep.. 

But again, that had its own health problems which at one stage used to become all the more important eating off back into work life time in the form of going on leave which again had to be limited through sanctioning at the back of rigorous questioning and rationing.. 

Thus finally, man was caught in an eternal loop between his Work, Personal Responsibilities and Rest/Sleep forever filling in the ‘Gaps’ wherever generated and thus in no time forgot the very meaning of 'Boredom' in his active life!

(It's purely a Fictional Narration with the associated hidden humor behind..)


  1. Man cannot live without work and yet he curses work... nice message here.

  2. There is a lot boredom in the hectic life of modern days. The quest for the ideal situation will continue.

    1. Yes! It continues and trying to find out that alone is the very 'Purpose of Life'.....

  3. Your posts always contains a message and that is the real essence of writing... Learning a lot by reading your posts sir...

    1. Thanks Ashish.. Happy to have such a nice Comment on my Post!

  4. Nice message sir. Loved the concept of Overtime at work. Any routine becomes monotonous after a certain stage and calls for a change.

    1. Very rightly said, Somali.. It's just a Fictional Presentation explaining the meaning behind.. Thank you very much for the Comment!