Sunday, August 23, 2015


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Let my Family be taken care out of the expression of inbuilt self interest within me but let the rights of the Family Members be always honored through a dispassionate selfless attitude..

Let my Profession be pursued out of a deep self interested drive within me to express in a unique way but the related hard Work done in connection with that be purely on the basis of a selfless attitude alone..

Let my Personal Take-care be definitely out of a self preserving attitude in me but taking caring of the next man to me to a level my status expects me to do in the situation be at the back of selflessness alone..

Let me indulge minimum in Worldly Enjoyments as the thrust within me will not keep quite otherwise, but let me streamline this self beyond bringing out a selfless service in its place..

Let the Artistic Quality in me be definitely out of a deep rooted self expression but anything beyond that be avoided through a selfless attitude for greater good..

Let the Environment be modified to the minimum extent for the self expression of mine with all ease but beyond that for all other luxuries, let me say no to this self interest and look at the aspects of Environment Preservation more selflessly in the greater interests of all..

Let me Pray to God out of the deep self expression within me which is part of my own culture and brought up but when it comes to the Worship carried out by a man next to me, let me honor the same equally through a selfless behavior..

Let this balance in my life be ever maintained thus between the 
Self Expressive Tendency 
(which I naturally love to do) 
Selfless Behavior 
(which in general is good for me)
allowing the life go on AS IS
what is being Truly Selfless is
totally unknown to me at this moment
when that moment dawns on me too
can never be equally predicted.. 
May be the next moment 
May be after countless births on this earth 
but till that time,
the only safe way here to sail thru' my life is..


(This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Posting requirement #Poetryonopposites)


  1. A very practical approach sir. - For most of us life is about striking the right balance with all that is known and much more that is unknown.

    1. Yes, Somali..That's the only way known to us.. Doing all that Right alone is my Dharma! Thanks for such an educative Comment!

  2. Thats a 'balanced' post. Very well .