Saturday, August 22, 2015


I've some thing to say here in respect of the Airtel 4G connection at my home taken about 8 months ago..

I am a Retired Professional and after retirement, I have my own activities mostly at Home only and all these are totally connected to the usage of active Internet Connection..

No doubt I'm an old timer, may not be familiar with the usage of many of the latest Terminologies and Gadgets in this context but I can sure speak on the basic use and express my satisfaction over the Service Uniqueness and Dependability..
  • I have 2 of my children staying abroad (US and UK) with whom I needed almost daily interaction thru' a dependable Video Connection..
  • I'm an active Blogger with IndiBlogger and I am very much interested to bring out a number of Blog Posts through Indivine for the benefit of my Co-Bloggers expressing my personal views on life aspects and living this life happily.. 
  • I'll do actively many of  my financial transactions online on a regular basis to keep up all my requirements updated..
These 3 activities occupy almost my full day extending beyond the day a few times and to do all that, I needed an active Internet Connection at Home..

As I checked with many Service Providers around and my own requirements in this context, I found the recently launched Airtel 4G to be totally satisfying to the dot requirement..

  • In respect of the Video Talk we use at Home thru' Face Time App on I Pad, I Phone and Mac this activity very much needed it's own speed.. As the children from abroad communicated on FT, the most important requirements of the occasion were clarity of the picture, high resolution, high speed downloading and the continuity of communication.. These are very important in a good communication especially with close members of the family staying far off where this close personal communication of ours with them becomes a very important part of life at this stage for me and for my wife..
  • As for as my Blogging activity is concerned, a dependable Internet Service was very much on the look out so that the spirit of active Blogging is never hampered and further speed becomes more important here when I have to read other Blog Posts where down loading is quite heavy.. Here I found that the support of Airtel 4G is highly welcome as the speed of this Internet Connection is really amazing..
  • Regarding other financial transactions, continuity is the most important factor as well as the speed else many transactions short close as waiting is not allowed beyond.. So again speed of the Internet Connection and dependability becomes the number one factor here, I found for this too Airtel 4G appeared to be the right choice..
Apart from these, other family members use continuously Whatsapp and here large data in the form of photos and files have to be transferred continuously.. They too found Airtel 4G as ideal for this purpose..

And equally too, getting the connection was the simplest matter in this case.. 

As it was newly launched, we just walked into a Franchise Outlet Office next to our home and met an Airtel Rep.. He instantly sent home two of his Assistants with the instruments to demonstrate the Speed and functioning.. When we have satisfied with all that, the Rep just asked us to fill up an Application Form for the Post-paid Connection, we paid off the necessary initial amounts, received the Router, again a Rep visited our home and made it functional with their own Official SIM.. 

As the house is big and as it is a wireless connection, the Rep advised and located the Router very near to window of one of our bed rooms, suggested that we purchase an extra Wireless Repeater and locate it at such a point in the middle of the house so that the signal comes easily anywhere in the house..

All these settled in a day and we with our active connection were soon on our job with all ease..

As far as the monthly payments are concerned for the usage it's a simple matter, just pay off the bill on the Airtel Website online and get the instant Receipt..

There are many Plans to offer, Initially we chose a higher Plan but the next month decided to go the next lower one as the usage was found to be less.. The matter was simple, we walked to the Office again and it was changed by the Person sitting at the Desk in a minute and with a big smile..

The Rep suggested us to switch off the Router when not in use for a longer time in a day and invariably in the night as then we will be saving on the unnecessary traffic visiting the Net work..

I may not be familiar with the later developments and availability of other Products in the Market, I just wrote here my personal experience with the Service Provider and I'm fully satisfied with the speed and dependability of this 4G Network offered by Airtel in our country as on date and till date, this Facility with us never failed on a single occasion!

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