Wednesday, August 5, 2015


It was Sunday morning hrs and the young man with his group of friends was relaxing at home over some hot tasty stuff as breakfast with steaming Coffee by the side.. The outside was quite chill with the winter low temperatures and the Sun was brightening up the cool weather with certain heat but it was still not good enough for the severe low temperatures of the season.. No problem, the friends were comfortable with their warm clothing on along with inside warmth of the house with sun light warming them up through the glass window..

The hot topic of the day was how the performance was at the Event of Yesterday's Special Program they attended..
  • "I tell you, none can beat the man who was the centre of attraction behind the yesterday's Event.. His contributions there were unmatched and I bet none could have handled that so easily.. We can never dream of such super skill with anyone in this scenario!"
  • "Not only that, you know at the Event, there was a special arrangement made........... where the skills and capabilities exhibited can never be described on paper..... One in million alone can do this!"
  • "Hats off to the main personality there who excelled....... All of us are nothing in front of this special skill brought out in this context!"
  • "I Know, but you see the one who was active all along...... How much effort he would have put in to organize the whole thing....... Can any one around do that? We all will surely be helpless the moment......."
  • "Leave them all.. Just think of that one specialist in the field.. Had that person been not there, can we say rest all could have done all that so well? My adorations here are forever for him alone!
The elderly man of wisdom who was sitting in distance looking out simultaneously listening to the discussions too moved to them and said..

"My dear Boys! Whatever you may talk and express, let me with your kind permission, touch upon some specialized additional skills also that were contributed here without which the whole Event would have been nothing and our comments too would have been nothing here!"

"Strange Sir!  What other great skills are involved here? I doubt very much and whatever they be, they should be the minor ones only, I'm sure!"

"Ok!  Let me first say this..
  • There were equally the group of men and women involved who produced and supplied the food we ate all along regularly and kept ourselves fit first..
  • There were equally the group of men and women who had struggled and made skilled clothing supporting all of us everywhere and thus kept us ready..
  • And there were again the group of men and women who struggled and built buildings and Mansions to accommodate every one of us and spend our time coolly..
  • Beyond seen in gradation, there were equally countless number of men and women who worked incessantly exhibiting their own skills doing and producing the rest of what we needed..
for our today's Event to go on, become a success and be commented upon!

Don't you feel that all these men and women too here needed Compliments when we talk thus and the rest I can say in the order in which their items were/are being used by all of us? 


Then, how much am I right here if for a moment, I just forget the existence of all these men and women who provided such Goods and Services around me which truly supported / continue to support so much of my basic living and the associated happiness above which alone I can express / am expressing all this so freely and happily?" 


  1. Yes we often fail to acknowledge the contribution of all who come together to make an event a success. Good observation sir.

    1. Thanks Somali.. Rightly said.. All together make our day; none is less here!

  2. Loved the way you have written.Most of the time we fail to acknowledge the person who has contributed even a little bit of it.Good observation Sir.
    A R Rahman gives credit to every single member of his team for whatever part they play, big or small.This makes them really special.


    Sriram & Krithiga

    1. Rightly said Sriram and Krithiga! We should acknowledge the immediate contributions around us in every field.. Then alone we are seeing our life as Whole and Complete.. Thanks for the Right Comment!

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    1. Thanks for the compliment, Parvina.. Sure I visit your web page and read thru'.. Wishes!