Sunday, August 16, 2015


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    A crow got a piece of meat, flew to a branch of tree to eat the same.. But in no time, a dozen crows together followed and tried to attack it.. The crow flew branch to branch to escape from the attack, but the dozen crows equally followed.. Finally it decided to drop the piece of meat to the ground and did the same.. The chasing crows in no time went after the piece of meat madly fighting within themselves leaving the original crow undisturbed..
    A Sage having seen that thought, 'The only way to be at my freedom and Peace in this world is to drop the attachments with me!'

    That's how a Sage amidst us thinks forever!

    But as I'm far, far away from this Strength with my own many desires and interests in the world, the above story for the present should remain only in Books for me and would sure be a pure fiction to me!

    It means in reality, I'm an average man and as I'm interested in having a certain of my own, the same would be under a constant threat of being lost from my hold at any time.. In order to lead a happy life, I should necessarily be strong and attentive all along thus protecting all this of mine thru' my effort and thru' the help of my people around me and in this fashion alone I can truly expand myself and enjoy my freedom continuously..

    No doubt, I should ever be into doing this work and never let this be diluted at any time as protecting my freedom and thus be independent in my life ever becomes a duty with me..

    But let me not forget that at any point of time in my life, I'm equally a dynamo of another extra ordinary feasible action too apart from this ordinary living of my life, as in this process I can always help people weaker than me never limiting it to the lip sympathy or justifying that the existing bad could never be touched upon so easily..

    This unique quality of mine should never be lost sight of and should be continuously nurtured and groomed thru' extending a helping hand to this very effort of securing freedom to the one by my side too and that invariably is a Noble Act in front of me which with my own energies, strengths and skills I can easily do in whichever profession I may be working and whatever life style I may be leading.. And here, there's sure no bar to and no impossibility of this happening in my life!

    During the Independence Struggle of any Nation in the history of the world, the Protests of such Nature alone from every corner added in bits and pieces in time became a huge opposing force to the suppressing Rule of Iron Hand and brought down all those Fortresses and Empires too to nothing in time! 

    So the better belief in the present scenario is that we are never really independent at any time in our life even though much is talked of free living and the real independence is ever with us only the moment we feel within that we forever are one in this struggle.. 

    And here at any time, the lesser freedom noticed with some one by my side itself shows that I have a work with me which my lethargy and selfishness is keeping me off from doing and in this context, let me straight away firmly say a big 'NO' to this attitude at that very moment itself..

    This awakening if truly prevails in me irrespective of my surroundings, I'm sure a free personality within myself and would soon be becoming independent in every aspect of living.. No doubt here!

    (The Post is written in line with the requirement of IndiSpire #RealIndependence)


    1. Attachments curb our freedom, most of the times. Attachments lead to desires and desires cage us. A wonderful post, Sir :)

      1. Rightly said, Purba.. If I have less demands to be satisfied in the world, I will have more freedom at my disposal.. Thanks for the Comment!

    2. Letting go of all attachments may not be feasible for all of us, because some attachments or desire to do something give us a reason to live for. As you've pointed out sir that by doing something one is in a better position to help others. So freedom from our own attitude or inhibitions that deter us from our path is undoubtedly real independence.

      1. Very much rightly said, Somali.. If I can whole heartedly help out my next man in times of the real need, my freedom sure doubles.. Thanks for the Comment!