Sunday, September 27, 2015


A gentleman was traveling by train.. 

An old man sitting next to him had some conversation with him for a while but after sometime requested him to lend him some money and promised to return the same by MO back when he would go home.. And the gentleman instantly gave him that money.. The old man took the money along with his address and contact No and thanked him.. Soon his destination arrived, he got down and walked off.. 

A co-passenger who was observing all this, remarked, 
  • “Sir! The old man tricked you.. Where's the guarantee that he would send you back your money? You never asked for his phone No nor address for follow up..”
The gentleman smiled and said, 
  • Dear! All our addresses and phone numbers are with the Almighty and leaving Him we cannot move away anywhere to anyplace.. What I wish to say is that here the Lord’s Message is very much around, 'Help the next man in his/her problem and let the help be such that 
         It doesn't create nuisance around and 
         It's within your means.. 
     More than that do not think anything further!' 
  • Taking care of these 2 factors alone I extended my support.. The old man seemed to be in need and not a man who is there to trick and take away monies from us.. And what I gave him too is well within my limits of giving.. 
  • Now, whether he returns the money or not is purely left to him.. I feel that I've just done here the normal duty of mine towards my fellow human being!”
While getting off at his Stop, the gentleman quipped, 
  • “When it's time for us to wind up from this world, all these accounts have to be settled with the Lord Who forever sees the ‘Fairness of Action!’ at every stage and there, none can escape that Ultimate Assessment.. And here, I’ve just taken care of that too in the best way possible!”


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Mridula.. Happy to hear such an appreciation!

  2. There are people out there who tricks and because of them we suspect the genuine one in difficulty

    1. Yeah, There are equal number of Tricksters too who cause nuisance around.. But still we should never leave our attitude of helping the next man to a reasonable level as that is all always the duty of any Grihastha in this world! Thanks for the observation..

  3. Absolutely wonderful write-up sir :-)

    1. Thanks Archana.. Here the giver was my eldest brother who is no more and he narrated to me the incident.. Other part, I just added to make the story complete!

  4. Fairness of Actions keeping in mind the ultimate assessment is the key. Well explained with the story sir.

    1. Rightly said, Somali.. Your Comment is truly a booster to the Post.. Thanks!