Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The 2 Companions in our life that keep up one's weight under control are..

The No1.. is Living with that particular discipline which

  • Always does good to us and never means bad even in dream.. 
  • Gets us newer and newer friends as we move thus in our life who forever appear to be cheerful and rarely frowning.. 
  • Puts back our spirits and extend support all the day through its own grace in spite of ourselves being dull and moody that day morning.. 
  • Never gets turned off but welcomes us in whatever way we greet it at our level and capacity.. 
  • Invariably makes us smile at all people forever without making us distinguish between the rich and poor, the big and small, the strong and the weak.. 
  • Never lets us down with a disheartened feeling seeing the widening or narrowing, the twisting or straight or the limited or vast environment in front.. and 
  • Forever makes us keep contact with Mother Nature! 
And that very Companion is none other than the daily walk in our life!

The No 2 Companion is the discipline of daily consuming the right quantities of quality food..

A particular Belief in a corner of the world goes.. 

'It seems every individual comes onto the Earth to consume a fixed number of grains of their own staple cereal and when the last grain is consumed, one has to wind up own activities on the Earth!'

And equally the joke related to this goes.. 

'So there's wisdom in saying that when one eats less number of grains in a day more number of days are going to be there for one on the Earth!'

Thus, the consumption of nutritious and balanced food constantly stressing upon the 5 points related to it Viz; 
  • Wholeness is ever welcome; refinement is secondary..
  • Coarseness (Fibre) is ever welcome; smoothness is secondary..
  • Limited is ever welcome;large amount is secondary..
  • Freshness is ever welcome stored is secondary..
  • Variety is ever welcome routine is secondary..
ever keeps our bodies lighter and minds active..

And, these too disciplines together definitely maintain the optimum weight in one's life!

At home, I constantly advise on these, provide conditions for these to take place in the day of our life like allotting a fixed time in the morning or evening hrs for a min 30 minute walk and buying the necessary and essential right foods in right quantities for home so that the required nutrients are constantly consumed thru' a habit..

The above 2 activities put together will surely go a long way ensuring good weight management for my wife and thus I can help out her in keeping up the same and maintain in turn good health for her!

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