Monday, September 7, 2015


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  • The smooth butter is forever out of thorough whipping alone and the rest known methods of ease there for such a superior product are ever inferior only!
  • Many times my poetry is instantaneous for presentation; Any modifications to it will only spoil it.. But a few times, it's just built up.. And time alone in such cases, brings the best presentation out of it.. Dumped by one and all equally!
  • At any point of time, 'a few' alone can prosper in life; No doubt, I too can definitely squeeze in there at some point of time in my life but 'crowd' means of course we know, what the prosperity means!
  • A man decided to become a true Artist, tried his best in that direction and finally became that.. In his dream!
  • Forever in our lives, expectations differ from success and worries from failure!
  • Most of the conflicts get resolved the easiest when I sincerely start doing the immediate works waiting to have my attention!
  • A stylish work is instantly welcomed because it allows 'ease'; a welfare work many times is shunned because it imposes a 'restraint!'
  • It needs courage to do the good; but just only a practice to do the pleasant!
  • The attitude ‘All smiles’ around would be miles away when good is planned to be implemented!
  • An Expert forever loves, likes and lives with the core of the problem; the Novice instead, always hovers round it's periphery never attempting to get into it even in his dream too!
  • A sizable portion of my cleanliness requirement is in my mind and if I just start cleaning that, more than expected cleanliness around follows without an exception!
  • If a natural requirement is exploited, it's always a clean business.. If an artificial requirement is exploited it's definitely a quick business.. But, if a weakness is exploited, it's nothing but a tainted business without a say!
  • A spend-thrift should forever remember that there are only, just only 20, 5 thousands in a lakh and not a single thousand more!
  • Load and speed are never friends.. Not believing this, if I go ahead unheeded, soon either the load puts me down under its weight or the speed crushes me under its momentum!
  • My taking care of a dependent has never improved through hating my non dependent next to me; But no doubt, it always has worsened through this additional special activity of mine! 
  • My duty never lies in satisfying each and every person around me as that can ultimately be done by a dead person alone on this earth and never, never by a fully living vibrant man! 
  • Attending to my duty in the right way, itself relaxes my mind the max; Instead, when I start searching for a special relaxation here, I know what it indirectly means!


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    2. so true sir... and how many of us really have the courage to own it up...

      1. Just a few spontaneous thoughts, Archana.. Thanks for the appreciation!