Tuesday, September 8, 2015


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The young man of twenties was perfect in his sight..
  • "I can see any small object at great distance as well as at the nearest point to the eye very precisely.." 
he used boast often..
  • “That’s the age.. He can identify all the minute details around him very precisely but his conceptualization of all that observation never percolates into right actions unless he is repeatedly reminded on that!” 
were the comments of people around.. Soon the young man was a man of thirties..
  • “I was just recommended to wear glasses, of course not of much power for better seeing around and thus manage.........” 
he used to say as he started wearing a pair of stylish spectacles..
  • “The sharpness of vision lessens with age.. Anyhow he is now smart enough to manage some of the issues wisely with less observation too!” 
commented an elderly known man seeing his stylish glasses.. Further up, he grew to be a man forties.. And the glasses appeared a bit thicker..
  • “Naturally his eye sight has a difficulty now and distant vision is really a problem!” 
said one of his friends..
  • “Yes! He is quite matured but that's not enough to act in life with full swing unless he is careful.. At this point of time, he still needs to see through distance with more care!” 
answered a listener.. Time never stops.. Fifties in the man‘s life were soon there.. And the glasses had a fine line of division..
  • “Yes! I need the top for distant vision and the bottom for near vision.. But, my distant vision remains the same..” 
he said..
  • “He is now matured enough to see everything around as is with his own perception except the defects in his nearest people.. No clear distant vision can make him see this easily!” 
some elderly commented.. The next stage was sixties..
  • “Now days I wear glasses for near vision only.. Distance has no relevance for me!” 
he said with a smile..
  • “He has wound up many spread out issues and his attention now is only on the day to day issues around him!” 
were the instant few comments.. Finally, he was a man of seventies.. The rim of the frame had broken and one leg was missing.. But still, the old man was managing with those glasses alone for a long time..
  • “I don't need anything now except most of the times moving a little around and seeing what is next to me.. Why a new frame for such small use? Any how, I'm taking the help of my children for the rest of my activities!” 
were his remarks born out of the worldly wisdom..
  • "--------------"
And there the comments were just 'NIL' at that moment!


  1. Great read.
    Age makes a man wise!

  2. I can very well co relate with this post as I was born with glasses and seen the changes in "vision" as age progressed graduating from short sight to long sight but about wisdom dawning I am afraid I have still a long way to go! Lovely idea!

    1. Thank you very much Madam for the nice appreciative Comment!

  3. Just great,there is a huge difference between eye sight and vision.

    1. You said it rightly Indu.. A few thoughts in this line!

  4. Nice message sir. A good eye sight does not necessarily enhance vision and a bad eyesight not not necessarily hamper it.

    1. Yes, Somali.. You say the Truth here once again.. Thanks for the nice Comment!

  5. A great post! This is so full of wisdom :)

  6. This is different and great different. First of all, the formatting, then, how the perspective changes. For me, the protagonist doesn't mature till his 60's were he starts accepting the reality of his eye sight being weak. People expect that with age one will mature, as if its an automatic function of mind.

    I'm now entering the second para of the post and hope to maintain my vision for better.

  7. That's a great post sir... a wonderful lesson learnt... :-)

  8. Looking Without seeing by youth. Seeing with the maturity of wisdom. Well said Sreedharji

    1. Thanks Lataji.. Yes.. You said here the very right point.. Happy to have such a nice Comment on the Post!