Tuesday, September 13, 2016

IT APPEARS TO BE ONE OF THE................"

The Manager was totally cool in his seat with his two Assistants..

“Boys! Do you know.. This morning when I was here.. My mind was in total confusion and tension. I was almost sure that there's going to be a big remark in my Career. The Customer was totally unhappy. You are still young and you don't know all that but as most of the times I work close with him, I know the problem. But you know, finally what he said as a compliment..... What else anyone wants to hear from their Customer at any time? 
  • It appears to be one of the Best Days of my life!”
The telephone rang up..
  • “Yess, Sir! Just an hr back only, I brought the whole thing to a close and handed over the Documents........." 
  • "------------" 
  • "What are you saying, Sir? Something missing in that? Noo…. It can't happen….I checked so thoroughly and then only...." 
  • "------------" 
  • “Yeah! I did that too. I knew I shouldn't miss it. Sir, for that alone, yesterday I took the papers home, sat through almost till mid night and…....” 
  • "------------" 
  • “But Sir! You only said........” 
  • "------------" 
  • “I'm not quoting you Sir! I asked you thrice before…….” 
  • "------------" 
  • “Sir! I didn’t mean that…..I just said…..” 
  • "------------" 
  • “OK! Sir! I’ll look into that and….” 
  • "------------" 
  • “No.. No! I'm straight away into this now. Am sorry, since I worked so hard, I was a little upset..... No problem.. Our Rajesh and Umesh are with me.. Right now, the job will be done.. Okay Sir, Good Night!” 
The next moment,

“OK! listen, Mr Rajesh and you Umesh..There's a problem here. The Boss is not happy.. I gave what all they wanted but it seems the Customer's Boss wants now........We are straight away targeted.. OK.. No escape.. Got to do all this.. Prepare yourself to stay up to beyond...... and let's close the issue..... Tell at home that you'll be late... My God.. I forgot... I've my appointment today with... How can I go there now? I can't send some one and I only have to do all that.. Can't change anything now.. Ok.. Let me rush and finish off....... Just
 got caught in the right time.......
  • It appears to be one of the Worst Days of my life!”


  1. Wonderful write up... You have said the untold words of our (all IT guys) mind

  2. Wonderful writing and situation Build up.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks a lot for leaving such a nice comment here!