Thursday, October 1, 2015


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I may be thinking many times.. Especially on Monday mornings.. That my Work is demanding more than what I am sincerely contributing and the process seems never ending..
  • The Boss looks like a friend outside.. But at Work he simply takes totally a new Avatar and instantly becomes tough demanding positive results.. 
  • All Colleagues and friends may be helping everywhere but at Work, they really look helpless ever concentrating on their own.. 
  • The family may understand this and extend their support but invariably there are sure going to be exigencies wherein extra time, money and energies need necessarily to be found..
  • Finally in my heart too, I want my own time, relax for a while and do something on my own but that seems never happening.. 
Thus, there are instances where we find we are fixed and cannot escape but want to run away at the earliest chance from the 'Tight Rope Walk in Life' called 'The Work!' And this very attitude is often termed as ‘Flight from Work!'

All of us, once in a way experience this situation and thus feel chained and helpless.. Unfortunately for some, it may continue for a longer time.. But if I make a sincere attempt thru' right introspection, soon that will bring out in front the reason behind all this turmoil and tension..

Daily from morning to evening, I consume many items and make use of many services in the world, which I neither produce nor am capable of producing and that is called my life! And precisely to say, all these items/services are made and kept in the market by the other people.. So the individual, who produced and made them available for me, naturally expects me to give what exactly he/she wants and I have to necessarily do that.. And sure here, no other way works..

Many times, I may not have the skill to produce what exactly is expected from me but I can always exchange my skill in the market for that exact requirement.. The place where I do this exchange is called 'The Business House' and only when this is done in total, I surely get what I want!

This whole process of going round and myself struggling till I get what I want is called 'My Work!'

If I truly understand this background, my attitude in no time changes and I would never be running away from my Work as 

  • Through my Work alone I exist, 
  • Continue doing the best at my Work today alone guarantees my Work of tomorrow and 
  • Never denouncing my Work alone secures my right place in the world! 
Further to this, I can ever remember the Great Saint's words on the Fundamental Necessity of this Work..

The Great Saint said once, 

“I need not do any Work.. I need not learn anything.."

When asked how He can live without Working, the Great Philosopher replied, 

“I do not have any desires to satisfy.."

When pointed out how He can get his basic necessities like food in life to sustain, the Master said, 

“Some of you may feed me.. If not, I'll go hungry and in that process if the body perishes, let it go!”

And that was truly possible for the Great Personality to say so as He was just the same within.. 
But as I'm far away from this Great Strength, Working is the 'Safest Way' for me here as that alone ultimately makes me a 'Total Personality' in my life!


  1. Such valuable lessons!
    A great read for me!

    1. Thanks, Indrani.. Hope I could do justice in bringing out the Truth behind the Concept of Working!

  2. Super :) The exact same thought comes in mind once in a while.

    1. Thanks Arun.. Yes.. That's the Truth behind our working!

  3. Work would be fine as long as it's work of one's choice. How many people have that privilege? Very few.... the majority have to learn to be grateful these days that they have work at all. How to find enjoyment in what you do have? That's the question, isn't it?

    1. Yes, Lataji and here there is not much choice in front of many.. And after a while, many find their interests reasonably streamlined to their work as much as possible as they always can choose a sub part of that main to express their innate interests and it is possible to do it equal number of times too.. Thanks for the good Comment made in this context!

  4. Working is the 'Safest Way' for me - this is the crux line but again as pointed out by Lata how many people have the privilege to do the work of their choice.

    1. That's the problem in our life as our interest may not fetch good earnings.. But at the same time, if one finds good paid work in the line of his / her interest, it's truly a blessing.. Thanks for the good observation, Somali!