Wednesday, September 30, 2015


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A young man was a firm believer all in himself..

“They say that what we think, we become that.. Meaning, if you feel that you can do some thing, you can definitely do it.. None can stop this phenomenon going on around you.. As I understand, this mechanism is truly built in Nature.. 

Thus we alone make our lives or equally limit too our lives! Why can’t one be straight away free from all theories and beliefs and work in a concrete way? That alone ultimately makes our life and not all that story telling or myself listening to it!”

An elderly Well-wisher of deep wisdom was hearing this talk for a while.. No doubt, he had all the appreciation for the young man's firmness but wanted to correct him gently on his ultimate faith in the materialistic things around.. Accordingly, on one of the holidays he just invited the young man home for lunch..

As the young man arrived, the elderly made him sit and relax a while and subsequently queried, 
“How was your day, dear?” 

“Great Sir.. Really fantastic!” said the young man feeling fully energetic.. 

The elderly with a smile further asked, “Was everything perfect since morning?” 

The young man said, 
“Yes, Sir! The day is quite interesting.. I, yesterday itself planned for the visit to your house and accordingly got up, had done all the required and reached here almost in time!”

The elderly said, 
“If you kindly permit me to intervene here, can you just tell me a few moments of today where something happened without your pre plan?” 

The young man got surprised at the question but said, 
“To my knowledge, nothing less happened, Sir!”

“Can you try to recollect minute by minute the exact small happenings where something you never planned?”

“It’s funny.. OK, let me remember.. Yeah! I got up, completed the morning activities, and took breakfast.. OK.. OK.. A few happenings.. 

  • I just slipped once as I was moving in my home but it was nothing as I instantly recovered.. 
  • I bumped into a man on the road and said sorry to him.. It was a bit funny.. 
  • Of course, the change given by the Conductor fell in the bus but I was in total attention to pick it up.. 
  • I forgot to carry my ID but that's OK.. It happens once in a way.. 
These I feel, are some of the happenings without my plan not worth mentioning or remembering but anything like that constantly happens in our lives and none is free from that.. Leave all that Sir, but why are you asking me all these questions now?”

“See, My dear! It means that what you never planned too happened.. Since those unplanned ones are of minor nature and are not in the way of your original plans, you are brushing them off so easily.. 

Just, imagine for a minute.. Suppose, these small happenings extend a bit more and block your major plans all of a sudden, do you still talk like this? An here, do you ever know that the Number one such major plan is our own aim in our life which equally can go wrong?"


Dear if you see in this way, we can easily understand that God alone is the Ultimate Planner here for all of us as, 
  • Nothing moves unless He Wills.. 
  • All our plans forever are at His Feet.. 
  • As long as His Grace Bestows on our Plans, then only we are smiling! 
So, let us Pray at this moment that the Almighty take care of all our Plans and even when certain Plans fail too, He gives us enough courage to face the Change and Re-direct our lives in the new environment.. This Ultimate Action alone is the 'Right One' in our lives, of course we all the while planning and doing everything from our side in the best possible way without fail!”

Concurring with what the elderly Well-wisher said, from distance on the loud Speakers Sloka 66, Chapter 18 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..

'Sarva dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja
aham tvam sarvapapebhyo moksayisyami ma sucah.'

'Relinquishing all ideas of righteousness (the right and wrong as known to you), surrender unto me exclusively; I will deliver you from all sinful reactions (what your mind proposes), do not despair.'


  1. But should we not have our Plan B and Plan C, if God's plan A doesn't work out?

  2. I agree to you that it is right question here.... No doubt I should not do anything less in my planning and doings in my life trying out all the 'Possible' and thus be taking care care everywhere to the best of my knowledge and effort.... But in a corner of my heart, I should be ever laughing within myself that my plans and doings forever have 'Substance' only when the 'Almighty Wills' that way!

  3. Agreed sir. Resolution and determination are needed but finally we submit to the will of God. There can be many a slip between the cup and the sip.

    1. Thanks Somali for the nice way of augmenting the Message here!

  4. Wonderfully written Sir ! I am a believer and i really agree with everything u have written down here..We all plan our lives..but at times the plans dont work in our favour...there is God, He knows everything and plans our life in the best way..i am 27 years old and am so glad i realised the importance of prayer and faith at a very young age... Its always good to be focussed in our lives and give our best, but we humans can never change Gods plan .

    1. Oh..So nice of you, Vinitha to say all this.. Happy to know that you believe in God so strongly.. Thanks for such a good Comment supporting the Content of the Post.. God Bless!