Friday, October 2, 2015


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Happy Gandhi Jayanthi.. 
A Fictional Post written on the Eve of Gandhi Jayanthi!

A King was more happy with his Authority rather than be considerate to the Expressions of his people.. When asked, he used to reiterate, 

"I am the King here and a King is supposed to Rule and do good to all through his Authority.. As fear is ever the key, if you do not instill some fear in people, every one talks and takes things easy.. Then how can you take firm decisions in your Ruling? Let me Rule this way only, whatever be the result.. Let my people too realize that ultimately I mean only good for them!”

The Wise Minister who was observing and listening to all that talk for some time, decided at one stage to educate the King and was waiting for a right opportunity..

On one of the days, when the Minister was with the King in the Palace to discuss some urgent issues, the young Prince aged 14 years entered the Palace and conveyed an information to his father privately.. The King immediately became very angry and shouted at the Prince.. The boy became sad and left.. 

The Minister was about to continue the discussions but noticed that the King was in no mood and thus kept quite for a while.. A few minutes later, the King sent for his son and when the Prince arrived, asked him to sit with him, comforted him for a while, promised him something and sent him off happily..

Having done that, the King was back to his mood and was about to begin the active discussions..

At that point of time, the Minister with all obedience looked at the King and asked, 

“Your Majesty! If you kindly permit me, Shall I say something here?" 

The King looked at him with astonishment and asked him to go ahead.. The Minister continued..

"Sir! As a father, you might have shouted at the Prince a bit harsh but soon you took care of him, comforted him and cared for him too.. Unless we are capable of doing this total activity truly from our hearts, we don’t have the right to be Authoritative by ourselves on any one in the world except to the level that is written in our Code of Ethics and Duties for their own good.. 

Here as a Ruler, if your Highness imposes anything beyond on some one without this love at the back, it just amounts to a type of highhandedness alone but never a welfare activity for them!"

"But in such a case, how can I Rule properly when I have to be considerate too simultaneously for the wrong doers?" 

asked the King with a doubt on his face..  The Wise Minister smiled and said, 

"Yes, Sir!  You definitely need to be properly Authoritative while Ruling else you will never be able to do justice to the affected people at any point of time.. And here for sure, all that Authority required to Rule thus is clearly mentioned in the Age Old Books with us written by the Great Men and Women of world detailing the Duties and Responsibilities of a True Ruler.. These Men and Women were truly capable of Experiencing / Exhibiting the Universal Love for Masses and thus what all they said there is only out of this Eternal Compassion for every one on this Earth..

And here as a Ruler, following those very guidelines alone is ever the safest way for your Majesty and not anything less/more of it at any point of time in such Ruling!" 


  1. Nice post, very informative on ruling advice/suggestion...Good work

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