Tuesday, October 13, 2015


A smart man was into a new Business.. A totally new Business, and totally in a Novel Way.. 
  • “Our Product is a Unique Piece of........ on Earth!  You visit us at our Place and experience the difference…. You'll agree to what we say!” 
Was the bold Caption of an Advertisement suddenly seen everywhere for a while.. And equally it happens as on a fine day, a few people decided to visit the place and oversee the make of the Product to assess the Maker's Assertion!

As the  men and women entered the Venue, they were greeted with all warmth and were soon lead to a Central place.. There, the Entry Point carried two distinct Boards.. 
  • The first had a few slogans handwritten with beautiful color pens and chalks,
  • The second had a few humorous cartoons imprinted saying how ‘Good’ many times was never talked of and ‘Nice' alone stressed! 
There the bottom most Caption very much attracted the Visitors..

‘We've totally freed ourselves from this non sense…. 'Nice' is OK but not at the cost of 'Good!’

People moved further an
d at the entrance they were lead to a Special Room wherein a certain History and Geography were in front of them.. Meaning..
  • The History of the Product describing how the same was used in ancient times and patronized by the famous people of the world, through beautiful sketches and paintings.. 
  • And the Geography talking of the places of the world where the ingredients were grown/available from Nature, the quality of the same depending on the place etc etc..
After the Brief, they were led to a Hall with a few neatly arranged chairs and tables from where sitting under the centuries old fans with the cool breeze from top, the Visitors in a relaxing way observed the Makers of the Product at a distance in glass cubicles.. Busy in their own ways..
  • A few smiling and singing, 
  • One dancing in his own style and moving the items around, 
  • A man looking intently through a glass into a process and adjusting a certain mechanism and 
  • A few moving busily around..
All in their special Attires.. Clean in Looks.. With their own Caps.. The Scene looking totally a category of its own.. And above all.. 
  • The Head clearly seen at distance standing and over seeing the activities going around!
The Scene no doubt,  reflected the true quality possible on earth when attention was paid, patience practiced, sincerity expressed and hard work followed!

Finally, the people were led out thru' serene Outlet Passage with a warm send off by the Staff and all the Visitors soon were home bound with every one carrying a great value and importance to the Product in their minds..

After a while on the D-day, the Product was launched into the Market, the sales in no time picked up and soon touched the skies with continuous profits flowing in..  No need to say further that the Owner in a short time happened to be the talk of the town and subsequently becoming a well-to-do Personality around..

Time never waits, life went on thus and the Owner soon became old.. And finally there was a day when all that precious knowledge had to be passed on to his only son who had to take over the Business..

The Owner described all the relevant procedures, processes, presentations, descriptions etc to his son and said in the end, 

“Dear! Continue all these as 'They Are' and you will shine the best in this business with your customers by your side for ever!"

The son with all curiosity asked, 

"Dad!  This's is fine.. But you've not told me the Superiority of the Product by itself in respect to its Content and Usefulness!"

The dad smiled and said in a softer tone, 

"That's a secret here and promise me never to disclose this to any one at any time in your life..

Actually, our Product in no way is truly Superior to all those available in Market at much cheaper price and definitely I can say that it is inferior when compared to the similar ancient Products that were with us once upon a time! 

Again, as the background of the Product could never be changed, to get good business out of the same, I tried a lot improving its presentation to people and it just clicked here in a great Way.. And the success you are seeing around soon followed!

Further you may not believe..The strange part of this entire drama is..

Even the people working with us presently too don't know this background but sincerely believe to this day that our Product is Really Superior by Itself!”


  1. Wow! Brilliant!
    Presentation does matter!

    1. Yes, very much Indrani! But good Business Ethics forever demand more worth in the form of usefulness to the Customer and lesser talk on the Show.. Thanks for the good Comment!

  2. This was such an interesting read Sir......it is all about how you sell your product that matters....Marketing strategies and making things attractively presentable are the key to success....:)

    1. A good Observation, Sunaina.. But the Satire part of the Post brings out how a few times talk show in the market overrides the worth of the item being sold.. A Seller forever should balance between the two always giving more weight-age to the Worth! Thanks for the equally important Comment!

    2. True.....that is why all that glitters is not gold....:)...right Sir...!