Monday, October 19, 2015


A man was reminded of his habit of forgetfulness with which he very much concurred..

"Yes! It's true that I forget in few minutes what I decided to remember.. It happens..

The other day, I was carrying some important documents in a packet with me as I traveled.. I decided that I should be careful there in not leaving the packet anywhere and for a while I was in my utmost attention.. But still it happened.. Not once but 11 times I simply forgot that I'm carrying an important packet and recollected in a matter of 2 hrs.. It's really funny!"

"Yes!  It's really funny with our memories.. 11 times you forgot in a span of 2 hrs!"

"Yeah! I remember even now, it's exactly 11 times and with the 11th time I was at home!"

"Are you sure exactly 11 times or.......?"

"What do you mean? My memory is not that bad.. I still remember all those 11 times, I forgot about the packet in my hand and was back to senses in a short time!"

That's how the man's talk went on!

It's a joke and looks funny here but the question is am I not too equally doing those funny pretensions in my life when it comes to speak out the Truth.. i.e when I have to call a Spade a Spade?

Yes.. I'll never do that in the right way.. Meaning.. I'll not call a Spade a Spade so easily..

  • I very quickly change the color of the Spade according to my liking, 
  • I change the shape of the Spade according to my wish, 
  • I change the size of the Spade according to my ego, 
  • I talk on the use of the Spade according to my own interests, 
  • I express concern over the danger of the Spade out of my fears, 
  • I try to glorify the Spade as I see its worth and 
  • I condemn it's presence when I dislike something about the Spade!
This drama in me eternally goes on and what comes out in the process I continuously believe as the right.. Sure doubly right! Not only leaving the matters there, my people too should concur with me, thus I should be on the throne in the eyes of every body and those who oppose heroically will almost be seen as the life time enemies thus dividing the entire Humanity eternally.. 

The truly sad part of my life!

No doubt, a 100% deviation from this behavior, is truly not possible for me to get off as the enchanting colors and fragrance smell of my doings never leave me so easily but equally why not I try doing my bit here with all sincerity and rise with a firm conviction that..

This Spade will never be called as any other except only the Spade to uphold the dignity of Humanity around me whereby all around me live and express with their own freedom in their life and never I surrender here and in the process whatever smaller life that would come to me from the world point of view will be accepted by me with all Grace as the Gift of God for the one life on this Earth known to me this moment!

As I worship Mahishashur Mardhini with all Devotion during these Puja Days, let me Pray to the Goddess with an ardent feeling in me to liberate me by slaying this very Demon of Ignorance in me as much as possible and thus Bestow Her Eternal Blessings on me! 


  1. So true sir. We take pride in calling a spade a spade and we see the spade differently each time as per our convenience. The spade should be the only one to uphold the dignity of Humanity. Very apt.

    1. Thanks Somali.. A very right Comment on the Post.. In fact, it's not a Comment.. A Continuation of what is told here!

  2. Very true....we all change spade according to our wish. And also we want others to see the same spade.

    1. Thank you very much for leaving such a nice appreciative Comment here!

  3. So true.. how our minds works. well written.. festival greetings! :)

    1. Thanks, Meera.. Love the Comment.. Happy Dussehra!

  4. Very true sir... well expressed... liked it...