Tuesday, October 20, 2015


On one of the week-ends, 2 friends with their families decided to go out to a distant place on a 2 day Picnic.. In the morning hrs, one of the friends who offered to drive the SUV, sat in the driver’s seat with seat belt on, adjusted the mirrors for rear view and set his position..
  • “During driving one should constantly keep looking into the mirrors.. There lies the safety!” 
He remarked.. The families behind smiled at him and the vehicle moved on.. On the way the gentleman filled the Fuel tank full and checked for the Tyre pressures..
  • “It's safe to have full tank on long drives with the right Tyre pressures including for the Stepney!"
He said.. The members nodded their heads and the vehicle continued moving..
  • “Regular maintenance of the vehicle at an extra cost ensures safety all along!” 
He proclaimed in between the journey.. The members were silent..
  • But soon, the man's driving was rough, too much braking and pulling along with murmuring and shouting at other road users.. 
  • The members were tight lipped all the time.. There were certain beautiful Spots on the way, but seeing the man’s mood they kept quiet and the journey continued thus endless except for the usual breaks in between.. After 5 hours of almost tense travel finally they reached the destination.. 
  • The man while reversing to park the vehicle touched the left mirror with an adjacent wall projection and the same broke into two pieces..
The day and the next day were spent at the new place and the families started back home at around 9 PM after their dinner..
  • "It's dark.. Night driving is really a tough job as you need to be in total attention.. This car now does not have the left mirror too.. I'm tired.. I can no more concentrate on driving for today!" 
Proclaimed the earlier driver friend much before the journey beginning.. No doubt, the other friend offered to drive for the return journey..
  • As he sat in the driver's seat, he quickly checked all the essentials at one stroke without uttering a single word and moved the vehicle so smoothly with no shocks, bumps and no sudden braking, the families instantly felt quite comfortable..
  • On the way initially, the relaxed man in the driver’s seat kept his passengers further at ease, briefly interacted with them at certain times all the while keeping a watch on the road..
  • In the initial one hr travel, the friend as he continued his driving, was seen giving preference to a few difficult people on the road with all politeness leaving out his turn and got a ‘Thank You’ from them.. 
  • Towards mid night the weather became a bit rough with incessant drizzles hitting the road and the visibility getting quite impaired..
  • "Be careful with the opposite vehicles.. You are not able to see much because of the darkness, rain and the associated mist around!" 
warned the morning driver who was sitting by his side..
  • The friend took extra care, reduced the speed of the vehicle, was careful while the opposite head lights were striking at him with the visibility around quite reduced in the shutters up condition..
The treacherous environment continued thus and soon they encountered a huge pool of rain waters thru' which the vehicle has to pass..
  • "We are gone.. How to pull thru' these waters? If we are bit slack in hitting the accelerator, the vehicle comes to a dead stop in the middle with waters entering the exhaust.. God only should save us now!" 
remarked the first friend..
  • The driver signaled to his friend to keep cool and with a firm footing keeping the gear in I st position steadily pulled thru' the deep waters with the raise of accelerator and simultaneous brake control all along the engine running in an excellent condition..
The first friend was almost breathless..
  • As they further traveled, the driver made it a point to explain to the family members the importance of the 3 places on the way which they missed while coming even though he could not stop for them there as it was past midnight..
  • And finally the families reached their homes around 4 AM indirectly quite relaxed even though they missed part of their sleep.. 
When they thanked the friend for driving well all the way, he smiled and said
  • "I love driving and while doing that job I am happy and keep others too happy!"
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  1. Well told sir. When a person loves what he does, it shows in how she/ he does it.

  2. absolutely right..happiness breeds happiness