Thursday, October 15, 2015


The daughter residing in the distant place visited her parents' home after a long time with her 3-1/2 yr old son..  As soon as she arrived, the scene at her parent's home had a dramatic change..

The grand child became too noisy in no time and the grand father too was equally making great hung-ma in taking care of the boy.. The next day, the gentleman took his daughter and the Little One to the Toy Shop..

"He will be too fussy when he selects his favorite toy and later we don't buy for him.. Better avoid taking him towards the area where costly toys are kept!" 

Cautioned the daughter.. The grand Pa smiled and just took the boy to the same place where many costly colorful toys were on the display.. The boy in no time pulled out with great difficulty a very big Model Toy Car costing nothing less and said, 

"I want this!"

The Grand Pa without a murmur took him to the Cash Counter with the piece, got it billed and packed and handed over to the boy..

"Dad! He is pampered.. If you do like this, I can't manage him tomorrow.. And our precious monies are going on unimportant issues!" 

Protested the daughter..

"Dear! I already planned to cut down certain of my spending elsewhere and am saving those monies.. So we are well in control from finance point of view.." 

Assured the old man with a smile.. They came back home and opened up the package.. Soon the toy was the total attention of the boy and he was too inquisitive in experimenting with the same.. 

No doubt it was very interesting but the same interest in no time had its ultimate effect on the piece of show.. Soon a wheel was out, the steering wheel got jammed, a few scratches on the otherwise shining outer skin and a big dent at the back.. The car that way took a different Avatar in a short time..

"This's too much.. He just spoiled the costly one!" 

Complained the elderly lady..

"It's alright.. No problem.. But here, you really don't know the great learning that had gone into our boy's mind in the process!" 

Clarified the gentleman..

The boy was again active.. So to say too active.. He had many paints with him and he was soon into a Great Painting Session with the encouraging Grand Pa by the side.. 

As he was too playful and the Grand Pa was too supportive, that had its own ultimate effect once again.. In the form of the boy splashing the paints with him on the floor and on to the walls quite liberally.. 

The daughter was just too angry.. 

"Oh, God! He just spoiled the newly painted walls and the costly floor.. What a mess? Dear! Now, your Grandpa has to get the entire area cleaned / repainted.. What a work you had given him?" 

She shouted at the boy..

"Dear! Just leave him.. I know what he had done.. I'may clean a bit here but am not removing the marks in full.. They are going to be the remembrances of my Little One having visited this house once and played with his loving Grand Pa!" 

Said the man with a smile..

"Dad!  You may tell all this but at the back you are actually pampering the boy beyond.. Tomorrow, he will quote this and will not listen to me.. What good are we doing here to our child ultimately?"

The daughter asked.. The dad smiled and said, 

"Dear! Just tell me one thing.. What are you young people doing in the Weekends after a Week's hard work?  Are you not unwinding totally during that time?  And by doing all that, your minds are becoming fresh to take up all that stress and strain of the coming Week.. 

Here, our boy too once in a way needs to get himself off on a bigger scale from the monotonous discipline you parents are continuously imposing on him.. That way, when he comes to me, he too is unwinding himself thru' this pampering for a short period and goes back with a total happiness within himself.. It's all part of a Great Learning here.. Tell me.. Should we not allow him too like you all to do this for his own ultimate good?"


  1. That was very true. Kids get new energy the moment they meet their grandparents. My parents are coming home today and my son is hyper excited from morning.

    1. Yes, Arun.. It's fact in our life.. Grand parents forever have a soft corner for their grand children and its just built into our Nature.. What's there in nature never does harm provided everything is taken care of or used in moderation! Thanks for the Comment of your own example!


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    1. Thanks for the info.. I noted down the requirement!

  3. This has really set me thinking as I can see myself in the 'daughter' here.....Maybe you are right and as mothers, we go a little overboard when it comes to upbringing or little ones.....I will keep in mind granpa's words next time I start reacting.....:)

    1. Oh! That's so nice of you Sunaina.. Happy to hear from Bloggers and Mothers like you such a nice appreciative Comment.. Thanks a lot!

  4. A great lesson in a novel style!

    1. Thanks, Madam.. Happy to have such an appreciative Comment here!