Sunday, October 11, 2015


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"How many times I told you all to be disciplined and take care well in advance.. You never listen to me.. I'm truly the man sitting here with tons of experience in life, having read in and out of life and forever knowing the right and wrong.. You here never care for my suggestions in spite myself knowing totally what is what but are taking your own decisions.. What else I can say here? As stated in our Great Epics, all can't get the depth of this understanding and foolishness in the world prevails forever!"

"We understand that we are less experienced and are not able to get in and out of everything as you could do.. But we too have our ambitions and expressions.. Why don't you see this point while you talk like this? After all, can't you be sympathetic to our wrong doings too along with your teaching?"

"What dear, Are you telling an old man that too seasoned one on how to cough? Don't tell me how I should behave.. Better you all streamline your talking first!"

"Yeah! What all you say here, is to just listen to every bit of yours and sincerely follow that.. Then what is called our life? Don't we too have our own ambitions?" 

"Enough.. I don't want to listen to anything further in this..Your behaviors are beyond..."

"That's not fair.. You take all reigns into your hands and talk..."

"I say, don't point out me.. I did so much for all of you.."

"And you have no patience here... We just wanted... But you go on talking......"

"Hello! I say.. You are exceeding the limits.. I don't want to talk any more on this.. I'm going!"

Saying thus, the man totally in a fit of rage left the place angrily murmuring within himself cursing almost aloud the Opponents all along as he drove his car fast till he noticed the fuel at the Reserve Level.. Still raging in anger, he speed-ed up to the nearest Gas Station, positioned the car and as the Service Boy came up in front of him, said aloud without looking at him..

"Premium Petrol Tankful!"

The Service Boy was still standing there.. The man's anger shot up.. He madly shouted, 

"Hi! I already said Tankful Premium Petrol.. What else do you want?  Can't you do the job told to you?"

Saying thus, as he turned towards the boy for the delay and looked at him, he had instantly seen the Service Boy with a cheerful smile and with great obedience signaling to him thru' his hand movements confirming the tank to be filled full simultaneously showing the Petrol Outlet and further saw him getting into his job..

There was an instant Message from the Almighty from Above..

"These Precious Gifts like Talking,Hearing, Grasping and Understanding etc are specially given to you by Me to enable you listen patiently to others who are not up to your level, understand them and advise them with compassion on what is possible for them for their good.. 

Leaving all that Sacred Task that is in front of you, why are you here taking the reigns into your hands out of a proud feeling and ruling the people by your side though these very Gifted Capacities of yours?"


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    1. Thanks Madam.. These are the common observations around me which a few times I totally forget the possibilities of happening the other way and feel that I a'm on the roof top.. A nice Comment!

  2. A nice story sir. We take these gifts for granted. Only when we see someone deprived of these we realize the importance.

    1. Very rightly said Somali.. That's how the self in me propels me act in an ignorant way.. A constant attention here alone, helps me a lot! Thanks for the nice Comment.. It sure is the right closing Messaage here!