Friday, October 23, 2015


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The Telephone rang up..

"Hello, dear! I'm....... Speaking.. How are you doing? The reason I rang up to you is..... See! Here, we need to necessarily spend some monies and not spending the same at this point of time is never going to be the right way.. I suggest, tomorrow we both will go to the bank........"

A few minutes of silence and again there was a call..

"Hi! Prakash! This is..... Speaking.. See, Yaar! unless we make our efforts, how can the present problem will get resolved? Listen to me.. I advise you to come with me day after tomorrow when I'm planning to go that side and let's put in our own efforts for a while............. Don't keep quite here, dear! we have to do this much atleast for the present!"

Again silence ruled for a while and there was a third call soon..

"Is it Prakash? Hello dear, how are you doing? The reason I rang up to you is........Yaar... I'm not absolutely finding any time to do that job..... It's a must that this is done before.... Can you do one thing? For a day, take some time off and go that place... I'll give you the address.... You must do it........ Don't delay here.. It's never good for all of us!"

The man in no time was in full tension not knowing what to do in the situation in front!

Many times, such situations will be with all of us and not knowing what to do, we'll be feeling utterly helpless running here and there for a while..

And that should never be the way, I should have my own life in the right way and equally there I should not be having a even an iota of doubt in my action as finally in that alone lies my true safety..

And if this safety is seen as the prime requirement of my life at any time, an advance care on my behalf alone truly solves all the issues in front of me..

A little introspection in this context..

  • The 3 Entities with us viz; Time, Money and Energy are forever in shortage in our life and God has never given to any one at any time these 3 in plenty..
  • And the associated point is, whatever be that limited given to me, unless they go on the right cause which is the requirement of the moment, it forever results in certain pain in me in my life from whose influence I can never escape..
  • And the last point is that there are my own doubts here as well as there are equally some tainted people around me who out of their self interests would try to influence my actions thus leading me to the wrong conclusions in all such cases which seemingly look right for the moment..
Once the job is done, all will leave, the repercussions forever are mine alone and none would either be ready to take up the coming pains or would be able to do so for rest of my life..

So forever, the number One discipline with me should be.. Let me ever be careful.. Very very careful.. Whenever I need to spend my these precious Time, Money and Energies with me, with a firm belief that..

  • Never they should be wasted and
  • Never they should go on the wrong cause but
  • Never they should be less for the right cause..
And I here, neither should yield nor surrender at any time to all those influences and indirect threats brought on to me and thus rise in my life as a True Personality..

The Ever Safe Personality in this One Life in front!

Where in alone, I ultimately would be able to answer the Almighty Who forever expects me in my life to Ration, Utilize and Save these 3 Precious Entities of my life as per His Ultimate Order alone!

Thus the Words Viz; Time, Money and Energy forever form my favorite 3 Words equally with the connected 3 Words Viz; Ration, Utilize and Save simultaneously existing behind these 3 Original!

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