Sunday, November 29, 2015


It was the great Sunday for the family as all the children from abroad visited their Home town for the first time.. After a good breakfast, the eldest son proposed,

“Let’s do something new today.. We'll move out with mom and dad.. Let me buy the latest Smart Phone released in the Market for our father.. His phone is centuries old.. Any how, a good Buy Scheme is now 'ON'..” 

The Mom intervened and said,

"My Little Ones have come home after a long time.. I want to take them to their favorite Ice Cream shop and Toy Sores and buy what they want.. In the evening, I want to take them to the near by Play Ground.. There's no need for me to come with you.. Please take your dad, buy him what he wants and make him happy!"

And the family instantly okay-ed the proposal and moved on.. They soon visited the Phone Shop and the son selected the costliest phone for his dad..

"You are a busy man and you need the better phone.. take this yourself and give your existing phone.. That's enough for my work!"

Said the dad..

"What's the next Program?”

Asked the son looking at the other members of the family..

“We'll have lunch at our Favorite Restaurant………”

Suggested the elder daughter..

“That’s a nice idea.. Let’s go there!”

Soon the family settled in the Restaurant comfortably in their seats and the dad said,

"Dear! It's you young people that should eat well.. I'll just share a little of yours.. First order for yourself!"

“I will buy his favorite Tea at……..”

Suggested youngest daughter.. Soon, the family visited the famous Tea Shop of the city and settled at the Table.. The favorite Tea was ordered.. It was some fun for a while..

“Our next plan is do some shopping at the Mall.. I'll pick a few shirts for dad!”

Said the younger son.. No doubt for the next one hr, the man was patiently sitting in the Guest Area of the Mall taking care of a few belongings as the family actively shopped around..

“Why not go for that Movie released yesterday.. It’s running in one of the theaters in this Mall itself.. I read the latest Review………”

Proposed the elder son..

“Yes! That’s really a great idea.. Anyhow, with children we can never go together.. Let's see if the tickets are available.. Hope we are not late..”

The elder daughter concurred with that.. Again, no doubt to say.. For the next two hrs, the elderly gentleman was struggling to sit the Theatre amidst blaring sounds and the chill environment.. Finally, the family returned home happily at dusk..

“We really had a Great Day for our Father.. How did you like it?”

Asked the second son.. The gentleman smiled and said,

“Yes, my dear! Truly speaking for the fun part of it..
  • I got the phone which may not be smart but saved you from the Schemes that trap you through installments, 
  • I had lunch at the famous Restaurant of course, it does not matter how famous it may be as I always have to pick up my diet items only from the menu, 
  • I joined with you for Tea in your Famous Tea Shop and I got a cup of hot tea at such a price with which money I could have purchased my favorite tea in an ordinary Tea Shop for a fortnight, 
  • I relaxed myself at the Mall sitting and taking rest even though you asked me to see the entire Mall and 
  • Finally I had a great difficulty of sitting through the full length of your favorite Movie not able to understand the speed of life on the Screen! 
But my Sunday, was truly a ‘Great Day’ as I could see all along the full expression of unlimited happiness on all of your faces coupled with so much enthusiasm and interest.. And back home, my grandchildren were eagerly awaiting to play with me! I'm sure with any other type of involvement, my day couldn't have been truly better at this point of time in my life!"

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Saturday, November 28, 2015


One of the Slokas of Gita Dhyanam goes thus..

'Mookam karothi vaachaalam, pankhum lankayathe girim
Yath krupa thamaham vandhe paramananda madhavam!'


'I salute that Madhava of divine joy, whose graceful mercy just,
Makes the dumb, the master of words and the lame, to cross the mountains!'

That's truly the Greatness of Srimad Bhagavad Gita and nothing less of it at any point of time!

  • Gita has its own Power on the Readers when It's just read for reading sake, when gone thru' the Book for understanding in depth or when It's explained to some one in a discourse.. Any activity of this type has its own unique influence on the individuals around..
  • The Verses of Gita forever convey the Original Truths of life and they never let down the Reader of whatever level be as there's sure a certain Message in each Verse which is straight conveyed deep into the personality of the Reader at his/her own level based on which the individual can mold his/her life further which again brings in a certain sure peace to him/her..
That Sacred Srimad Bhagavad Gita had its own influence on me too in my earlier life.. At one stage at that point of time when I was in a certain dilemma on the right course of action from my side, the mere reading of Gita a few times alone just clarified to me quickly on that in that situation.. 

In essence Srimad Bhagavad Gita brings out the fundamental point saying..
  • You, forever have a Role to play in your life.. And that Role is nothing but yourself continuously doing certain ordained duties of yours as the life moves on..
  • This playing of the Right Role of yours may not make you happy every moment but ever sure keeps the ultimate happiness and peace with you..
  • Since you, many times are more worried about the immediate happiness rather than the long one in store, you are likely to deviate from your ordained Role to make yourself immediately comfortable and happy and thus get into a life of ease continuously..
  • In such a situation, when you read the Chapter I of Srimad Bhagavad Gita where in Prince Arjuna got into a similar dilemma of either to wage the war of Righteousness or deviate eternally from the duty of a King so that he would be able to please his near and dear, it tells you to wake up from the similar sluggishness in you of not displeasing any one and taking cool your life, quickly get into the right rigorous actions in front and thus eternally live thru' this life..
  • Once done so, repeated reading of the subsequent Chapters clarify the various doubts in you and make your faith firm in the right action in a similar way Prince Arjuna gets thru' the process of clarification and with more clarity coming to him totally surrenders to the Lord, gets up with renewed energy and truly wages the righteous war of the moment..
If we look thru' this whole process, it immediately strikes us that we too, in our Role can truly be benefited by reading the Gita from Chapter 1 to 18 and when we make it a habit and just be repeating that daily, the Hidden One Great Message of All the Times slowly firms up in our minds Viz., 

'Wake up, Fight and End the evil in front at your own level!'

And a collective doing of all this from various quarters around us finally leads to the single aim in our life.. Viz.,The Original Lok Kalyan (The Ultimate good to the world and to oneself)!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


The man decided to call 'A Spade a Spade!' and that really created a big problem in his life.. But he was equally firm in his assertion all along..

"What's the mistake I'm doing here?" 

Was his question there for sometime..

"Yes! The fundamental mistake here is that you are something different within but you are not aware of that.. When you call a Spade a Spade, a part of the unhappy world around you reacts in a way you never expect and tries to show its strength on you.. There forever, you are finding your inner strength truly not that much strong to face the attack and as such you are experiencing a great fear with a feeling of suppression.. That's the confusion part of doing all this too straight forward.." 

Was the answer after a while..

"Then what is real way out?  Should I just yield here and be submissive?"

"The solution is never that easy nor the holding should be done beyond the limits.. Here alone the wisdom in me has to work and I should manage the situation at a level the Truth is followed as much as possible equally taking care of the self too at the base survival level without which nothing is possible in this world!"

"Is that all what I can do in this life at this point of time?"

"One way seen, that's it and the other way seen you should equally rise.. How wisely you save yourself here simultaneously equally fighting for your expression alone brings in further clarity to you and that truly protects overall!"


"Look dear!  The Great Saint himself used to keep total silence whenever some one visited him to narrate his/her problem for a solution, in the end just smile and nod his head.. More than that he never used to do by talking, advising or trying to educate the person solve the problem.. The visitor himself/herself used to understand something there (based on own limitation as well as own strength), become clear in respect of the action required at that moment and move on taking the Great Man's blessings! When a Great Personality who was truly empowered by Nature to do anything in the world had limited Himself to that much of action alone, what great changes do I, a normal personality expect bring in the world around thru' my actions? 

Having understood this, let me expect no changes in the people around in respect of transformation when I do my actions here... They sure would remain as they are and that is the world around us.. In such a scenario alone I have to live doing the eternal good to the people to whom I'm responsible and people around in general and thus move on.. 

Again having understood all this, please tell me one thing.. What other great achievement are you expecting here for yourself by calling a Spade a Spade at this point of time?" 

Saturday, November 14, 2015


No doubt.. The 2 core Topics Viz., Mathematics and Strength of Materials are the 2 Subjects of Study that truly form the backbone of Mechanical Engineering Studies at any point of time.. My own experiences in this context..

They were the early 60s.. I still distinctly remember those times..

Up to Class 7 of my Schooling, just looking at Maths itself was a big terror for me as I could never understand the head and tail of the Subject till that point of time.. In fact, in my 6th and 7th Classes of Schooling, my parents had a certain doubt whether I would pass at all the Exam in Maths..

Luckily, by God's Grace I crossed that stage securing the min pass marks and soon was into 8th class when Composite Maths was introduced fresh which added only a further tension in me making me totally disoriented in my studies.. The Algebra in front was nothing but the Greek and Latin to me and I was totally a lost person when I started comparing myself with the then Classmates of mine in coping up with that Subject..

At that stage, we had a new Maths Teacher who happened to be truly the God Send and was the total Savior of my further Schooling..

Even now I don't know how it worked.. Under the expert guidance of my that ever revered Maths Teacher, I started picking up the subject very fast and soon developed a certain interest in that direction.. My Teacher was truly good, soft, understanding and beyond gentle in guiding making me not only understand the subject but equally rekindled the budding interest in the very subject to such a high level which I can't imagine till date..

Further story followed as expected as the taste of pudding is definitely in eating alone.. I picked up there so fast, soon got into Engineering when the toughest Maths became my favorite Subject and 95 to 100% was the min score I got in all 7 Maths Subjects of 5 yrs which paved my way to securing the First Rank and a Gold Medal at the University Level and later in PG Maths at IIT, Kanpur where the Grade was sure the very much expected 'A'..

Again to say here.. What ever the choice be in answering the Maths questions, every time, I invariably used to answer all without an exception in the allocated time and then only leave the Exam Hall..

Further, I can vouch a 100% that a dedicated Teacher of that time had truly laid that single foundation of kindling a deep interest in me in the Core Subject in the right time.. My Regards to that Great Personality ever remain in my Heart..

Once again going back subsequent to my 12th Class of Schooling, I secured a seat in my Engineering College in Mechanical Branch.. Here, again one of the toughest subjects was the Strength of Materials and it was a terror for the Civil and Mechanical students to face the Exams in the Subject..

At that point of time the 2nd time in my Academic Career, I got the very Right Lecturer for teaching the Subject who with all dedication started explaining the Topic from the fundamental Concepts of Load and Deformation and thus laid again the 2nd strong foundation for understanding that Subject which had finally led me in the third Part of the Subject to secure a 100% Score..

Looking back, I very much feel even to date that the experience with these 2 Excellent Teachers during my total Academic life was truly amazing as they had such a unique skill and deep interest to mold an average student up the ladder creating a true interest in their own pet subjects..

I can say here with great regard and respect to these 2 Personalities that they were really the Great People of my life whom I came across and whom I can never forget for a life time! 

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


“Having bought such a Special Unique Apartment in my locality, I was very much interested in furnishing the same with the best Interiors available in the Market.. The Special Designs from the World Market are ordered and as per the Artist’s Advice are laid in the most Aesthetic way so that any one who for the first time enters my Apartment will simply say, 'WOW' and nothing less of it at anytime..

One of the Classic Items I had gone for is this Dining Table Set.. Got it out of a few imported stuff sold in the famous Interior Sellers’ Store and got it positioned in the Dining Area.. Of course, the family equally wanted the finest Dinner Set and Tableware for the same.. Here, I had gone through many models of Crockery and I was never satisfied with the locally sold items including those claimed to be imported.. How can you serve food to a Guest in a normal Crockery on a Classic Dining Table with such Special Interiors around decorated so aesthetically?

Last year, I was on a Holiday abroad and there I visited……… where I heard the best Crockery and Decorative Sets are sold.. I purchased all those Special Items of the Tableware from one of the Sophisticated Shops there and brought them here........... 

Come, we'll have our Lunch now.. The Cook had taken Special Care to prepare your the most liked items.. As the family is away, I asked him to do some cooking for the night also and go as he wanted Leave for half a day.. Everything is ready and today, we will serve Lunch by ourselves.. I gave half day Leave for the boys too who help in serving and keeping the kitchen clean.. So, today, we are all by ourselves..

I'm sorry..  How many times I told these boys to do extra cleaning of these Special Crockery, Soup Bowls and the Glasses and keep them ready?  It appears, they haven't done that.. I should have a word with them tomorrow…. Don’t worry, please do sit, I am cleaning a bit and bringing all these items.. For a day, let me do this..”

In the next five minutes, it was nothing but the rattling sounds of cleaning the Special Porcelain Crockery and Glasses in the Sink with the Special Cleaning Agent available in the Market followed by washing with water and drying up.. Suddenly, a big thud was heard followed by the shrilling sounds of the Crockery and Glassware touching the hard kitchen floor falling off from the inexperienced hands and breaking into a hundred pieces at one stroke thrown all round to every Corner.. The Costliest Special Dining Set instantly had its Chapter closed thus permanently forever!

Friday, November 6, 2015


The Head of a family along with his Family Members made all arrangements for welcoming a Visitor to their home.. From the time the Visitor arrived to the time he left, the Head and his Family Members took every care in treating the Guest with certain attention and discipline from their side.. Satisfied, the Visitor left the place and the Members were extra relaxing in their own way commenting on the Visit and the Visitor.. The Head remarked,
  • "Why not even now continue, the minimum discipline we maintained all along during the Visit of the Guest to our place instead of expanding beyond?" 
If I once look at this oft repeated behavior of mine, it instantly strikes me that my Backyard is not really that clean, it alone prompts me many times to expand myself endlessly beyond my limits and equally it's the right time now that I keep this Backyard of mine truly clean by disciplining my mind to a certain extent..

A little explanation in this context..

In life, unless the Backyard supports, there's no true shine on the Frontal Appearance.. Since the Backyard has taken a secondary preference forever, the Front glows eternally with dazzling colors and is ever in lime light..

Again, since the evil has no place in the visible area i.e, when I am noticed as it instantly attracts attention and will straight away be questioned, Backyard is forever the convenient place to off load my wrath, negligence, laziness and all that unwanted..

But the problem is that my personality at any time is a combination of what I am outward and what I am at the back; never the single front alone.. So, it's high time, I start cleaning up my Backyard in this life right from now on wards and try keep it as neat as possible.. The time is running out and this moment alone is the best moment to make a beginning for this Sacred Task..

  • On this coming up Diwali, let me light up this 'Special Light' in my heart in addition to the usual glowing lights around me, illuminate myself within to observe my own mind which is ever bent upon playing its games of ill fame and thus start checking it well in time so that the so called my Backyard remains clean and orderly as much as possible bringing out True Peace everywhere around!
A Happy Diwali to all my Friends and Well wishers of Indiblogger and FB!!
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Before getting into the process of making use of it, let me first ponder over for a minute on what the Great Saint had said once upon a time in respect all the wealth with a person..

He took out a handful gold in one hand and handful of sand in the other, walked down to the Sacred Ganges River, threw both of them simultaneously with equal force into the waters in front and declared to the World, "Both are equal to me!"

That's the exact value the Great Philosopher had given to Gold which otherwise is so much valued in the world..

When a Great Man says something, there's an Absolute Truth in that and here too the value of Gold which is indirectly the value of money with me in this world is ultimately that alone..

But being myself a mundane personality in this world, that Original Truth may be far reaching to me immediately and in it's place the Relative Truth known to me is that my monies have a certain value for me and I should never be delinquent or negligent in its use but with a tail piece added there forever that..

  • Monies acquired in the right way either with my sweating out hard thru' my work or 
  • Got thru' the acquisition of ancestral properties or 
  • Small amounts in the form of winning thru' luck where in many collectively happily contribute their small might together to make a sizable amount that can come to me..

Alone.. And a Million Dollar can never fall in any one of the above categories as 

  • By this time I know my true worth in this world and my earnings based on my capabilities are ever limited, 
  • My ancestors are not really so rich and further whatever comes to me suddenly as huge money is already a part of my culture and so such monies are never seen as sudden monies on hand that can be spent away..
  • It ultimately means that in such a scenario, a million dollar bounty is sure an unethical money acquired which is nothing but the sum total of sweating of tens of thousands and some times lakhs of humble individuals around me.. 

Such monies at any time ever belong to those tens of thousands or lakhs of people alone.. It's just their own and no one's else..

So if I'm given this bounty, my immediate job forever is to see that the same is given back to these very owners in an approved way..i.e 

Donating to the Right Charity without an exception and nothing less of it at any time!

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Sunday, November 1, 2015


The Little One was too active..

The Mom decided that he should be taught his Potty Training in the right time and quickly say bye to Diapers.. Surprisingly the boy never said, 'No' there and changed over from Diapers to Potty in a short time.. The Mom was very much pleased with the change at such an early age and decided to reward her boy..

She promised, 

"Dear!  You will be played daily the Cartoon movie Tom and Jerry!" on I-Pad whenever you sit on the Potty.. OK?"

The child understood nothing but in no time got attracted by the Gadget and the Bright Screen..

Later, as the movie was played, he used to finish his potty activities so nicely with a smile on his face and that had become a great habit with him..

It was Sunday Morning..

There was a long Power Shutdown for 3 hrs and the I-Pad was found dead with nil charge..

As usual the child sat on his potty and was looking at his Mom to play his favorite Movie.. Suddenly the Mom understood that she got into a fix not knowing how to amuse the child immediately..

She said, 

"Dear! Complete your Potty.. Then we'll play your Tom and Jerry.."

The boy never understood what she said but started a big cry showing at I-Pad

"That One.. That One.."

The Mom was helpless for a while and the whole activity of Emptying came to an instant halt!

But God sends help in the right time to those who truly love Him in their Hearts..

Her two Little Nephews who heard the cry of the Boy rushed to the place instantly and enquired their Mousi what had happened.. The Mom just explained the elder boy the Problem.. He instantly understood the Little One's demand and his Mousi's problem..

The next moment he said, 

"Mousi.. Take out the I-Pad.. Myself and Rahul will play Tom and Jerry in front of our Cutie!" 

Saying thus he called his younger bro and asked him to become Jerry in action himself assuming the Role of Tom..

Further, he turned to the Little One said, 

"Cutie! Now I'm Tom and Rahul is Jerry.. Look.. He's running and am chasing him.. Start.. 1.. 2..3.. Go.."

Thus the next moment, the Great Drama started just like that in front of the boy in the same place..

The Tom jumping ferociously and charging at Jerry and the Jerry tricking the Tom, escaping and running in the Static Positions..

It so happened that there both the kids played the drama so well all along shouting, jumping, crying and screaming to the extremes in no time, the Cute Little Boy got amused beyond with that Realistic Play and burst into a loud laughter saying aloud.. "Again.. Again.. Again.. " continuously..

The next moment to the relief of the Mom, the Great Task was successfully completed by her Little Boy, she instantly simultaneously clapping hard and praising aloud the 3 Kids together.. 

"Well Done!"