Monday, December 21, 2015


The cute little child of two and half yrs was the center of attraction in the big joint family..

It was the time for the Little One to grasp, remember and speak out the names of his Mom, Dad, Grand Parents, Uncles and Aunts of the family.. Every one was fascinated by his talk and how he pronounced their names and with all keenness, each was correcting his / her name in the best way..

The Mom asked, "Dear! What's my name?"

The child paused but with no difficulty repeated his dear Mom's name so nicely.. The Mom's happiness was unlimited and she instantly hugged the child tight..

Next she asked, "What's your Dad's name?"

The child tried his best but made a small change which his Dad corrected gently and helped him out..

Next was the turn of young Aunts and Uncles around.. 

Each one started their own questions, the Little One was steady, never got confused, slowly spoke out their names so cutely and it was all fun for a while.. The young Aunts and Uncles were a bit aware of the child calling them different as they felt little embarrassed when others made fun of them and consciously each tried his / her best to correct own names in such a way that the embarrassment had gone and the new names looked more appropriate to their personalities..

Then it was the turn of Grand Ma.. 

The lady took the child, hugged him and sweetly asked what he should call her.. The Little One with a great amusement seen on his face said aloud her name.. She was instantly happy and said she liked him calling that way but softly taught him how to pronounce her name better.. And the Child did it in no time to the astonishment of all as that pronunciation, they never expected the boy of that age to make..

The last was the turn of Grand Pa.. The Grand Mom asked, 

"Dear! What do you call your Grand Pa?"

The child being told his short name which too looked quite complicated, said some thing quite odd which made every one laugh aloud.. The Grand Mom said, 

"What dear? You call your Grand Pa like that who buys you everything and carries you all the time? It's funny.... Say...." 

she helped him out.. The child tried that pronunciation twice or thrice but failed, never wanted to accept that and with a big smile pronounced his name as xxxxx hearing which every one around burst into a big laughter as that straight away conveyed a meaning of what an ugly man was the grandfather..

The Mom instantly said, 

"Hi! Do you call your Grand Pa like that? No.. He is a big man.. He did many things for our family.. He gives you anything you want...You should....."

Suddenly the Grand Pa sitting little away, instantly came forward with a smile stopped his daughter, took the Little One into his arms and said softly, 

"Yes! Dear! You call me like that only from now onwards.. I like it very much.. I give you everything you want.. You are the dearest to me.. Never change this my new Name.. I really love it.. It's such soothing musical note on my ears which I've experienced for the first time in my life.. Thank you very much for calling me like this baby!"

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  1. Cute post.. The bond between grand parents and kids is something very unique :)

    1. Rightly said, Roohi.. Thanks for such a nice comment!