Sunday, December 20, 2015


It should ever be remembered that leave from work is only a privilege given but never a right bestowed on the employee at any point of time during the course of his/her employment..

Every leave requested at work should be for one of following broad reasons alone..

1. Sickness/injury of self or family and to discharge the core family responsibilities:

This reason makes the employee become eligible to get such a leave till he/she becomes well in case of self sickness / personal injury or minimum leave required for family to recover from the attack / mishap and the core family responsibilities are met.. At the earliest point of time when the emergency or urgency is met, the employee takes appropriate action in informing the approving authority the leave requirement.. The approval is automatic subject to the production of any Medical Certificates later if insisted upon and joining the duty back can only be with the Fitness Certificate in case of self sickness/injury..

2. Social obligations:

Here, the employee becomes eligible for such a leave which the society around feels that minimum social obligations from his/her side have to be met..This leave is applied in advance and sanction is taken as the obligation duties are always planned.. In this case, still the leave can be rationed within the limits..

3. Personal needs:

All types of personal works/needs to be completed by the employee which are of secondary importance in nature come under this category.. This type of leave is applied in advance and when sanctioned only the employee proceeds on leave.. Here the employer may ration the leave, may not sanction it or can call back the employee during leave period and ask him/her to join duty cancelling his/her leave.. 

  • Leave without pay too needs to be applied and sanction should be obtained as per the requirement..
  • Unauthorized leave of absence can make the employee loose lien on his/her job and he/she can be dismissed from service.. 
It is to be understood that the employer has kept his shop opened for employee and guaranteed him/her the employment for subsequent working days up to a period limit under the appointment terms and conditions.. Absence of employee cannot come in the way of the smooth functioning of the employer's business and if it happens a few days continuously, the employer develops the right to retrench the employee under the agreed conditions of employment..

In simplest terms the message is

  • The employee cannot be off from duty without appropriate permission as it may affect the employer’s business and can create loss on business which cannot be corrected subsequently.. 
  • Further, too much of leave for any reason in spite of being sanctioned appropriately gives a feeling to the employer that the employee has too many problems outside the employment and hence another one with less problems may do his/her job better.. This view cannot be avoided with any employer if the employee takes too much leave..
  • Again, except essential leave, unnecessary leave from job gives too much leverage to the dependents of the family of employee to neglect their portion of work / responsibility as additional help is readily available for them.. As such they either become ineffective in their own works or become dependent on the employee for their requirement.. This is nothing but interfering with natural living of a person and should be avoided at all costs.. 
Hence, rationing the leave is the only best way at work all the times.. No go here!


  1. That's great advice sir! These days the number of excuses people have for abstaining from work is miraculously high! They can come up with anything. I've led large teams at work and sometimes the excuses used to make me laugh.

  2. That's a very sound advice on work ethics and norms.

  3. A beautiful post. Thanks for sharing, Sir :)

  4. Much needed lesson for govt. employees.

  5. I second Indrani. The Government employees need to learn something...all over the country.... wish they read this post!

    1. Thanks Maniparna.. It's just a general point around!