Saturday, December 26, 2015


Right from my young age, the passion that very much interested me within is to stand to the right as much as possible..

Initially firming up thus, Whenever I encountered a situation, I used to stand to the right there..
  • Soon I found that standing to the right in front of people who are not party to the wrong seemed easy but not when you stand in front of the very personalities who are inclined to do a certain wrong justifying the same in their own way..
  • And, standing to the right in front of such real powerful people is a truly a threat to our life and if asked genuinely I had to say that there the path of medium way of living appeared to me the safest.. It's truly a mountainous job and if I have to really question the powerful, I have to sacrifice many many things in life and be ready for any action from them..
  • But the passion in me ever pushed me suggesting that why I should yield at least to those people of wrong who are actually not so powerful in the scenario (Equal Levels).. For some time, that appeared to be the right feasible path of living.. After all, why I should bother about those who propose wrong but in practice can't do much even if you keep off joining them there?
But fighting the wrong with those people too (Equals) who can't do much in opposing you is not so easy because if I can really keep off from such people then why at all I have a living relationship with them?

Means here too to establish the right, I can't straight away fight and be done with it but still I can fight here indirectly showing resistance of non co-operation till the other party sets themselves reasonably right..

This I found is the only of way living thru' presently keeping still my passion burning  to establish the right wherein I had to take blames many times for no fault of mine but can't get away from the people with whom I'm living..

This task should go on eternally..There's no go here and finally living thru' such life alone is the right to establish the right as even Prince Arjuna who happened to be the highly elevated Disciple of Lord Krishna too was advised by the Lord to fight the righteous war without fail (with Equals) and never to retreat even though it looks painful because..

'Matra sparsas tu kaunteya
sitosna sukha duhkha dah
Agamapayino nityas'

'The (mere) contact of senses with the sense objects produces the phenomena cold and heat, pleasure and pain etc.. But these things are temporary appearing and disappearing (They come and go).. 

'tams titiksasva Bharata!'

Bear them patiently (the only right way till the knowledge dawns on you)! 

I'm nothing in this life compared to the Disciples like Prince Arjuna but when even He was advised by the Lord to bear the up and down in life but never leave the Path of the Right, I feel it's my duty too here to do in this line my best taking as much of blame as possible without protest but never stop doing the right activities and thus live thru' this life with a Prayer offered to the Almighty at the end of each day for the ultimate safe sailing thru' all along..

And thus continues the passion in my life this day evergreen!
(The Post is written in line with the requirement #lostpassion)


  1. Sir that is the power of conviction, I wonder if I can remain that firm ever!

    1. Right question Mridula.. But when the distant good can be perceived more clearly, relationships carry lesser importance temporarily when confronted with the right of course very much between equals.. Thanks for bringing out the right point!