Thursday, December 31, 2015


  • It was the evening hrs and a few clouds appeared in the skies.. A light breeze started, a dry twig broke and fell into the waters below causing a few ripples therein.. Soon followed a few more twigs with the small sounds of them touching the waters were distinctly audible around the near by area.. 
  • The clouds slowly became thick and dark with the wind speed going up steadily and soon a moderate drizzle started with the incessant droplets of rain hitting the waters continuously, winds blowing in all directions and a large number of twigs and leaves severed from the tree branches above falling into waters.. In no time, the scene in front was totally a different one compared to the earlier calm environment but had its own beauty with the various complex sounds, movements and all that related disturbance.. 
Seeing such a natural phenomenon of happening around, a young man thought..
  • “I'm seeing here that in the absence of the drizzle and the breeze, the sound of a few twigs falling into waters was distinctly audible with total calmness around.. But, when it started drizzling continuously with winds blowing in all directions and a number of twigs and leaves simultaneously breaking and falling into waters, no doubt the original clarity and calmness is totally lost but the new limited disturbance with the wind, drizzle and many twigs touching the waters making varied sounds instantly had its own beauty and my mind ever craved for that experience to continue!” 
  • “Seen thus.. In my life too, the disturbances and challenges at simmering level in fact are a welcome as they do a lot good to me to retain my mental balance and restore peace.. Since in Nature, routine disturbances are common, routine challenges have to be faced by me, routine tasks have to be completed and routine schedules have to be met.. 
  • Here, a complacent mind which is never ready to face such ripples of life and constantly tries to escape to a cool environment would definitely be unfit to face the real turbulent situations of life when they come up.. 
  • Seen thus, the right attitude in my life is sure to stand to such realities and live thru' ever solving the problems that come up one after the other!"

Dear Friends,

The story may go thus but the 
Ever Green Message 
here is.. 

Life forever is a mixture of a certain turmoil and challenges and our actions here on the earth should continuously keep this turmoil at simmering level neither letting off that to explode nor try making it zero, both of which sure are never a welcome sign for dynamic existence.. 

That living alone is the true beauty on this earth and it's ever our duty here to rise and steadily meet those dynamic moments of life fulfilling our dreams and aspirations in the process! 

I wish you all 
A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016
with all your such hopes and dreams fulfilled in abundance in the coming Year!