Wednesday, December 2, 2015


There are 2 Types of Forces of Actions around me that act thru' in this Universe eternally..

  • The No 1 is the Force of Action independent of my wish and will..
  • The No 2 is the Force of Action based on what I wish and will for..

And the Reality is.. The No 1 Category takes place continuously in the direction of the average of all Forces of Actions of No 2 Category of all Living Beings of the Universe..

Here alone a certain conflict continuously exists in me as my No 2 Force of Action clashes with the No 1 Force resulting in unexpected happenings..

These unexpected happenings often is the major concern of my anxiety and tension in my life as my No 2 Force of Action may not take place a 100% of what I hope for or expect every moment..

But the situation can't be changed even a bit because, Mother Nature out of Her own Love for all the Living Beings needs to act impartially to the requirement of every Living Entity here on this Earth..

Thus seen crystal clear, if I have to avoid conflict in my life, the right way here forever is to allow my Force of Action from my side towards the Basic Welfare Activities of mine where in the Universal Force concurs a 100% with that and beyond let me rise, be considerate and divert my those left out energies in the direction of the Universal Good both of which again are indirectly supported a 100% by the No 1 Force..

It ultimately means that.. My Energies forever should go in the direction of my Basic Self Expression with full Dignity and with all Vigor and beyond those left out should go for the Betterment of the Universe in general thru' a Service to the Humanity and Cause for Living!

Why not I, from this moment start living this No/Least Conflict Life here as long as my life is planned on this Earth?


  1. So true this is almost everybody's problem and specially for teenagers like me... :(
    Nicely described sir.
    i love it a lot.

    1. Thanks Shraddha.. That's the reality around us as is! Thanks for the appreciation!

  2. It is true.The question is: do we give it a thought?

    1. Yes, Madam.. The ignorance in me makes me forget this Truth when I look at my problems of day to day to life.. The real Wisdom is I be aware this very moment, neither earlier or later to that.. Thanks for the Comment!

  3. I see it in the agreement of the concept of Swah-Dharma in Geeta.

    1. Yes, Ravish.. Swadharma encompasses this Truth but is never away from this.. That point is not to be forgotten else every Swadharma is right as the person is unable to do anything at that moment.. Thanks for bringing out the right point of doubt here!