Friday, December 4, 2015


The foreign born and brought up Little One was at his grand parents' home on vacation.. And the grandpa quickly taught him when the boy visited the rest room for the first time..

"Dear! On the top of the flush there are two buttons.. One big and one small.. The big is for poo and the small for wee.. OK?"

"Yes!" s
aid the boy straight away.. 

It was the wee first and after finishing that the boy pressed the small button to flush out..

said the grandpa in appreciation.. 

By lunch time, there was poo requirement.. The elderly man lead the boy to the rest room, the Little One finished his job and pressed the big button..

said the grandpa in appreciation.. 

The Little One smiled, waited for a while and pressed the small button..

"Why did you do that? Already it was clean!" 
said the grandpa..

"There was wee too!"
said the boy with all sincerity..
In a couple of days one evening, the mom visited the near by big toy shop with the child.. In a short time, the boy pulled out a big package containing the latest car model, slid it on to the shopping cart and said, "I want this!"

He never listened beyond and asked his mom to move to the billing counter.. The mom had no go there but the cost was beyond her means and equally she never wanted to pamper the child.. As she stood in the queue, she slowly removed the big packet from the cart as the boy was busy looking around.. She billed the remaining and simply came out..

Back home, she narrated the incident to her father but the elderly gentleman said, 
"It's never the right way here.. Don't worry, I'll correct it in a better way.. The only thing is you need to have some patience here.." Further to that, he patted the Little One and said.. "Dear! We'll go to your toy shop tomorrow and I'll get you a beautiful car!" 

As promised, the gentleman took the child to the same toy shop, created a certain interest in the boy to look at the cheaper car models and as the boy selected one red car, he neatly got it packed, billed and brought home.. No need to say further.. The child was beyond his happiness all along playing with his favorite car the grandpa bought him..
The daughter was leaving, she counted all those currency notes left out with her as they would not be useful in the foreign country, made a big bundle of money and told the Little One, "Go and give this to grandpa!"

The child speedy came running to his grandpa, just handed over the cash to him stressing the word
"Money!" and ran back with the same speed least bothered about the value of what was in his hand..
The family returned and it so happened that the mom forgot many of the child's play and schooling items at her parents' home.. She was a little bothered about that as they were needed for the child's use daily.. The grandpa said in the video call, "Don't worry, dear.. I'll try to send those items to you when some one is coming from here!"

The Little One was in tears..

"What did you miss?" 
asked the grandpa..

"My blue balloon!!!"

The grandpa looked around and found at a corner the blue balloon the child played all the time when he was there.. His heart instantly felt for the Little One and in no time, he assured him with all love.. 
"Don't worry dear! Right now I'm packing this balloon in a small cover and posting it to you.. When you get it, you have to just blow air into that and play.. OK?"

"The sending cost is too high.." 
remarked a family member.. 

The grandpa was firm.. "Seen from my end, the money is not that much.. But my boy values his balloon beyond and expects me to act quickly and send it to him.. I'll do that without say.. It's the heart that speaks here and not the item or the money!"


  1. May all children get grandpa like in this post! :)

    1. That's nice of you Ravish.. A good appreciative Comment!

  2. Like all other posts from you, this too has such inherent wisdom in it . The rarest virtue of our times - Patience ... and how cost and value are two different yet relative terms!
    Insightful indeed and wonderfully written :)

    1. Thanks, Kokila.. You said it very right.. The best Comment on the Post!

  3. Nice read..... truely full of emotioms and wisdom.

    1. Thanks Shraddha for the appreciative Comment!

  4. Grandparents have a license to spoil! :D

    1. You said it right Mridula! The grand children too ever look for that!