Friday, January 29, 2016


### It was the huge workshop in the premises of the Heavy Industry.. A Unit had to be installed on a platform where the fixing was found to be a little complicated as the entrance was narrow and had a sizable twist..

The young Workman was worried.. 

  • "To fix this Unit at the back, I don't have any access.. How to reach to that much depth, install the Unit and tighten the bolts? There's no go, I should design a special tool for this and am sure, if I put in a good effort it comes out as a sophisticated tool and will be useful in future in all such instances.. Let me do it.. It's a chance to show my capabilities.. Let me brush up a bit of my Tool Design knowledge for a while.." 
The Senior Workman was all cool..

  • He quickly enquired about the matter, directed the young man to bring the Unit, himself sat in a comfortable position at a height, slowly introduced the Unit into the tunnel like space positioning it on it's seating area, introduced a spanner into the duct and tightened the 4 mounting bolts with his experienced hands! 
### The Furnace in the Metal Industry was very hot.. The flame was bright, white in color and was glowing like anything simultaneously throwing out a lot of heat..

The young Technician was worried.. 
  • "At this point of time, I should take the temperature of the flame.. This Instrument appears sleek and how can take it near the flame and position it there? I should carefully do it.. I'll first read the Dos and Don'ts in this context, follow them meticulously with necessary precautions and then only go near to the Furnace.." 
The Senior Technician was all cool..

  • He noticed the young man's effort, signaled to him to stop that and said, "Note down the temperature I tell.. Now the flame is steady.. It's......deg C... The variation is just + or -..... deg C.... Yes! The color of the flame very much confirms that right temp required for us... Make ready the Items to be heated!" 
### It was a huge Library in the Central Area.. A Member entered and requested help for locating 2 books for borrowing purpose..

The young man at the Desk was worried..

  • He quickly brushed up his Learning, caught hold of the Index Nos for the books and straight headed to the related Shelves but found them not there.. He was in certain confusion when he equally found the status of the 2 books as not issued.. 
The Senior there was all cool..
  • He quickly enquired the matter, looked at his watch and said to the Assistant, "Go straight to the end, turn right, go to that end and search in the last Rack at the corner on the top shelf.. The first book will be there.. Again, do the same exact the opposite end, the second book will be there.. They are the places where the Regular Readers usually hide their favorite books!" 
The Assistant searched and the first book was just in the place his Senior told.. But not the second book.. When reported the matter, the Senior Man smiled and said,
  • "OK! Then tell the Member that it's with the visitor sitting in the corner to the right of the second Reading Table.. I think he had not yet left the place..The man is tall, thin, fair in color with thick spectacles.. The Member can request that gentleman in case he needs the book very badly!"


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    1. Thanks Lataji.. So rightly confirmed the Message!