Monday, January 25, 2016


The gentleman staying abroad for many years was on a short visit to his Native Place and was welcomed with all warmth by his close friend at his Home for the stay..

“Welcome dear! Happy to see you here after so many years.. How are you? How's the family? What are the children doing? You should have come with the family.. We would've spent some nice time together and would have visited........

OK! Leave all that.. You must have got tired of flight delay, jet lag and the last 2 hr Road Travel.. Please freshen up, we'll have Lunch and you can rest for a while till evening.. We've some works to do, will be out for few hrs and would be back by evening.. And, this is your room.. Relax in this time and feel fresh by evening..

I forgot to tell you.. Please keep the windows closed.. We keep the front door open with the curtains pulled in so that cool air comes from inside.. Anyhow, this is winter so no fan is required.. Else you can never rest peacefully.. The noises of people around disturb you continuously..

We've this one problem in this house.. We should have checked well before buying it… The Market is next to this house.. The continuous conversations, screaming, shoutings and all those sounds…………. We made a life time mistake here..”

The gentleman soon had a small lunch with the friend's family, bid bye to them and went to bed to relax.. But the silence in the house never allowed him to fall asleep and kept him awake as he was accustomed to hear certain constant sounds while in abroad during his usual week end afternoon naps such as..
  • The sounds of starting, water splashing, whipping, again water splashing etc for almost half an hr of the Washing Machine.. 
  • The sounds of starting followed by the constant rotation sound and finally the machine coming to a halt making a screeching noise after some 20 minutes of the Dryer.. 
  • The continuous water sprinkling sounds followed by jets of water hitting the vessels and repeating the same for another half hr approx of Dish Washer.. 
  • A big start of motors followed by a continuous air blow sound of AC plant.. 
  • A continuous humming motor sound of the Air Humidifier.. 
  • Certain sharp conversational sounds and some Western Music on TV.. 
As those familiar sound were truly missing at that moment, he could no more lay down on the bed, got up and opened the windows facing the Market Area.. Instantly, certain cool breeze started blowing in from that side too making him feel refreshed followed by the sounds of continuous outside conversations..
  • “Sir! I can’t sell this for the price you asked for.. If I start doing that, what money can I take home and feed my family?” 
  • “Madam, these are the fresh items arrived just now.. You are almost the first buyer here..” 
  • “Give me Do Chai today.. My friend is here.. He has come after a long time..” 
  • “Let’s have a break.. Are you not hungry a little? Let’s have our favorite Chat at..” 
  • “It’s continuous holidays for schools for 3 days.. My daughter wanted to see the Market and buy something for herself..” 
  • “Ok! Dear! I'm going now.. Please, come home tomorrow.. I‘ll show you some of the……” 
Suddenly, it was an experience a totally different world.. No.. No.. Surely not the new.. A quite familiar one only not experienced for a long time.. May be noisy sounds that too not of less intensity but when felt deep in heart they were highly welcome, sweet, pleasant and cool on ears as if certain Enchanting Classical Music was being played on an old Gramophone Record Player.. 

In no time, the gentleman found himself highly relaxed, was soon back to his bed with all those sweet voices and familiar sounds pouring into his ears as Soothing Well Known Musical Notes and in no time went into deep sleep for few hrs forgetting all that strain of his travel till he was woken by the sharp tone of his friend abruptly..

“Oh! you opened and forgot to close the windows? I wonder, how could you sleep so well with so many noises around? I'm sorry for the trouble..

We've this one problem in this house.. We should have checked well before buying it… The Market is next to this house.. The continuous conversations, screaming, shoutings and all those sounds…………. We made a life time mistake here..

OK, we are back now.. Please freshen up and we'll visit……..”

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


  1. Music can change our mood magically... :-) Loved the story, Sir... :-)

  2. Loved it sir... music is truly the window to our soul :-)

  3. Music can attain all forms from peace to intensity and from cure to pain too... its impact is very vivid and wide.

    1. Yes, Shraddha.. Musical Like forever keeps us cool and relaxed.. Thanks for the comment!

  4. The rhythm of music have the potential to sooth our self. I also listen music for half an hour to forget all the stress of office. Loved your story Sir... :)

    1. Thanks Arpita for the appreciation.. Happy to have such a nice Comment on the Post!