Tuesday, February 23, 2016


### A seller was charged of selling a small product at high price as he wrote that clearly on the board in front of his shop. He refuted the charges saying that it was only a simple mistake of misplacing the digits in writing the price and the same was quickly corrected as soon as it was noticed. He said, 

“See! What we have written on the board. 'Rs 901/- earlier is now Rs 109/-.' That's it!"

### An Advertisement Company was asked by the Sales Dept of a Business Group to write a special caption for their Mega Sales Event coming up before an important festival. 

“The customer should be surprised through disbelief with every aspect of our Sales!” the Sales Head conveyed his message with a firm tone. And the Advertising Company too in no time had sincerely done its job. The caption everywhere read,

'Unbelievable varieties
At unbelievable prices
From suppliers whom you can never believe!'

### The watermelon purchased from a shop smelt bad when cut. The customer rang up the shop and asked for exchange of the item. 

The shop keeper said, “Will you please bring the cut pieces?” 

The customer replied, “If I bring these pieces to your shop, your other customers in the premises will vanish in no time. Do you want that?” 

### A luxurious product manufacturing company supplying a 'special new product' for use by their customers at high price, had offered a 'novel way' of promoting the sale of their new item.

“You can return any one of these items at anytime within a year and we refund you the full money. But we need the specific reason for return of the item as we are constantly focusing on improving our product through the customer feedback!” 

Many customers soon returned the said item after a few days of use all saying, 

“By mistake, I spent my precious earnings on this item and now I'm finding shortage of money for essentials. Here, I'm getting back my monies!”

### A customer was unhappy with the mangoes sold to him at a Food Store in his neighborhood. He took them back to the shop saying, “Why did you sell these rotten stuff to me? They started smelling in a day. I want the replacement right now!”

The Owner of the store checked the mangoes and said politely, “Sir! They are good. Seems no problem!”

“What are you talking? Can you at least allow me to select the different ones?”

“Yes, Sir! No problem. But there're only a few pieces left out. You can select out of them and take!”

“Ok! I take these as replacement. Seem to be the better ones. At one look you can tell the difference! By the way, what had happened to the whole lot that were there yesterday? Were they all sold out?”

“Yes, Sir! All were sold out. These're the only few pieces returned by the other Customers today morning saying that they are rotten!”

### A layman went to buy some food items from a store in late hrs at the new place. As he was busy selecting his items from a corner of the store, by bad luck the owner missed him, closed the shop locking him up inside with a light left ON. The man instantly sought the ‘Help.' thru' dialing a number. Soon from the other end of the phone, he was guided to come out thru' the emergency door but the man totally failed in that mission. After a while, he was assured, 

"Hi! Don’t worry. We'll inform your people on phone. You relax there, make use of the lights and AC of the stores, eat and drink whatever you feel like from the store shelves, make use of the Rest Rooms in the Corner and sleep there to night in the employees' room. The owner will come back tomorrow morning at 0900 hrs and when he opens the shop, you can come out. We'll reimburse your total food bill and the other charges for the night as that's much cheaper for us than coming all the way to free you at this point of time.  And again if a real emergency comes up, dial us and we'll be there in no time!"

### An absent minded genius went to his favorite huge computer shop at noon for shopping various computer hardware items and as he continued to be busy in going thru’ the various products available there beyond 9 PM, by bad luck the shop was closed locking him up inside with minimum lights left ON. 

Unmindful of his surroundings, the genius continued his selections the whole night and the next day morning till the shop opened at 8 AM with none noticing that he was inside all the night, finalized his selections, purchased the items, came outside and seeing the sun in the east, remarked 

“Oh, it’s strange! Today, the sun is setting in the east!”