Sunday, February 21, 2016


The man of forties who had brief interaction with a few on the spot acquaintances at a Function later in the evening confided to a close well-wisher who too was with him during that time.
  • “Sir! It's funny. That thin man we met in the morning. He, talks too much. You must have seen... Begin any topic, this man soon takes over....... 
  • And the tall man who sat next to him, is another specimen. You might have noticed... He has a peculiar dirt phobia. He doesn't so easily believe anything as clean. I didn't ask which job he is doing but surely, they must be having a tough time with him! 
  • And the guy who was in the middle, you know, is a procedural addict. It seems, he can never bypass a single procedure. What's the use of it finally? He's short of time everywhere and would forever be running around.......... 
  • And the man sitting next to him is of another type. He seems to be forever a quick acting type making all the people around him run eternally. He just mentioned that he is a Manager somewhere. I forgot to ask. What management he does, God only knows! 
  • And the short man next to the last guy too seems to be no less as he appears to be too messy around creating so much disorder. He never mentioned what job he does. 
  • Of course, the last man spoke nothing and appears to be totally a silent man in his life. In my half hr talk, he hardly spoke few words, that's all! I wonder how he manages at his work. 
The elderly well-wisher of deep wisdom and thinking listening to the man's talk smiled and said, "Dear! Do you like to know the amazing backdrop of these gentlemen of whom you spoke so less?
  • The man you said who talks more is a Fantastico man in conducting own Tutorials and is able to do the best there because of these specialized talking skills alone!
  • And the man whom you referred as the one constantly worried about cleanliness is a Fantastico man in his job of Housekeeping and people love him for the extra care he takes in maintaining the surroundings clean!
  • Again, you know? The man whom you called a procedural addict is a Fantastico man of being one of the best Organizers of the Town and people are just after him!
  • Further to tell you the fact, I personally know the quick acting man. He is a Fantastico man of result at his Work as this is personally conveyed to me by his own Boss, a friend of mine.
  • The messy man you referred is a Fantastico man of being a Specialist which Profession ever needs a concentrated effort and that's really possible only if one leaves the rest as they are and......
  • About the last man, you referred, dear... The silent man... Recently, I came to know that is a Fantastico man in his profession of writing beautiful Fictional Tales for kids which children love a lot and which are in high demand as on date!

Dear! Seen thus, all individuals and for that matter, all Living Entities around us have their own roles to play in this world and to fulfill those unique roles, they eternally express their inherent skills and abilities gifted by the Almighty and in the process certain benefits accrue to the world thru' their singular efforts where none else can contribute..

Knowing this, I should ever carry a respect to all these Sacred Contributions around me as truly Divine in Nature and further, I too should contribute my best using my own God given skills instead of getting into the petty habit of criticizing these very Contributors around me!"

Confirming on what the wise man said, Sloka 7, Chapter 10 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard on the distant loud speakers being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..

'Aham sarvasya prabhavo
mattah sarvam pravartate;
Iti matwaa bhajante maam
budhaa bhaavasamanvitaah.'

'I am the source of all (in this Universe); from me (alone) everything evolves; understanding thus, the wise endowed with meditation (ever) worship me (without a single doubt)!'

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  1. This was a great read sir... as always :-)

    1. Thanks Archana for the appreciation.. Love the Comment.. Once again thanks for the share on Google+!

  2. Beautiful interjection of Gita Sloka :)

    1. Thanks Ravish.. You said it very much the right!