Monday, February 8, 2016


The man of 50s was sad.. When enquired, he said,
  • “I always advise people on what I can do and equally I'm very much interested in doing that too..
  • It is said, 'Practice before you preach!' Thus, what I hadn't done and what I can't, I’ll never ask someone to do.. 
  • Even the Great Men of the Earth forever advised in that way alone.. Either These Great Personalities were capable of doing that or were actually living that type of life..
  • But still my advice is often questioned and many times not followed except on the face of it just to please me.. Why is there no True Impact of my saying?”
The well-wisher, a man of wisdom listening to him said,

“Dear! I agree that you tell about the good of a discipline known to you and equal number of times you have lived or are living that life to perfection.. No doubt, it's the right way of advising but your such advising is not total here as a single finer aspect of life is truly missing there.." 

"What is that, Sir?"

asked the elderly man.. The well-wisher continued, 
  • "The Great Personalities are ever free from expecting a result of what they do or propose to do in this world.. They just speak only out of a Great Love for the Cause and that's the exact reason why the Permanent Impact of even a single word on us from them is so predominant.. We, mortals do not carry that Love with us however refined we may look and behave..
  • Devoid of this Great love, when I advise even at the back of my true practice too, it has the fine string of expectation at the back of result oriented action which brings out the clear message that I tell because I like to tell and I expect the change.. 
  • This expectation is definitely a self interested activity from which we all are never free and when that exists, it sure would be sensed by the receiver who forever resists the imposition!” 
  • Still right advising is one of my duties in my life but equally it's a must that I make a note of the above in my heart before passing on my genuine advice as in such a case you will not be troubled as you are presently..
In spite of the Original Greatness too, once when His Disciple tried to change one of the members of the Monastery with a little extra force, a Great Saint warned Him saying, 
  • 'Leave the change to Nature and let that happen on its own.. We are none to intervene there!'

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  1. Very true sir. Even genuine and Good advice can be rejected by those who do not seek it. In worst situations the person giving the advice may be humiliated too.

    1. Rightly said, Somali.. My Right many times have only few takers and I have to accept that reality and wait patiently for the change with time.. Thanks for the good comment!