Sunday, February 7, 2016


As a teenager, I constantly used to be upset and angry with my dad.. His, the then constant shouting and directives used to go on thus..

“You have grown in age and size but not otherwise.. If you remain like this, how do you think you can survive tomorrow in this world?  I am repeatedly telling you to get into all types of works and learn quickly.. I am not that rich and you don't have many resources at your disposal.. Everything is limited.. It's the time you understand this and start learning everywhere..  But, you never listen to me..

  • Have you completed the task, I gave you? No! 
  • I struggled and got you...... and you showed no interest there! 
  • I personally went and requested my friend for……… but.....
  • With great interest, I enrolled you for........... but you never....
You don’t move from the house, you don’t talk to people and you don’t do your works.. How do you expect yourself to be a man of something tomorrow?  No.. I can't allow this any more!"

Many times, I just used murmur there at the back of a spontaneous reaction in me.. 

“He never says at least once in my life time that I did something right! Am I really that bad? Why he goes on scolding me like this? I am really fed up.. Actually, I am trying my best everywhere but somehow it's not clicking.. Beyond this what else can I do? Always saying learn, learn and learn as if nothing else is there in life.. Very easy to say.. I wish I am left alone for a while.......”

Years rolled on thus, life had its own movement and I had to pass all through that I had to.. Every tough situation in life was indirectly guided by the then advice from my dad at the back of my own protest and thus with a balance we both used to work out the feasible plan.. No doubt I never yielded there beyond but equally too he never used to leave his point however weaker he had become with time.. And that advice at that point of time used to go thus..
  • "You got to steam line your finances and take care......
  • Some of the family responsibilities are to be handled with more care and......
  • As I understand, you should be careful on work front.. I heard that.......... It's better follow the Rules every where and do your works accordingly..
  • Believe every one but believe with care.. This's the age when you should be able clearly distinguish between.....
  • Have you taken care of checking those papers in respect of the purchase of...."
  • Tomorrow we'll make a visit to....."
And my reaction of that age used to be like..

"It's okay, I agree that I should take care.. But, why this much?  If I start doing all this so meticulously, what time is left with me to call it my own? I'll just take good care which generally my friends are doing around and relax.. No doubt what he says is the safest way but he goes on insisting on every single thing to perfection.. That's just impossible to do with the time available with me.. I got to do other things too.. Let me just do in between and manage my these present issues!" 

were my the then firm matured thoughts but sure not 100%..

Time never stopped.. And finally I was the retired man with the God's Gifted reasonable health, family and good finances on hand equally with a satisfaction in mind that what wanted I got.. As I recapitulate all that once again, I quickly come to the conclusion that no doubt my discipline and hard work was behind all that but equally indirectly never was it free from all that constant advice and drive my dad forced on me from the beginning which of course, slowly and in phases had lessened as I picked up my own strengths.. Thus, my silent thanks to my dad for what all he had done to me in my life ever go thus.. 

"Thank you dad for this Priceless Contribution of yours all those years towards me enabling me stand today as the Right Individual in the Society!"

And this total story of mine is truly never known to any one except to me alone till date!

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  1. Great post Sir... :) Even my parents also scold me and I take it positively for my personal improvement.

    1. Thanks Arpita.. The Scoldings here are nothing but indirect blessings.. That's how the parental love prevails!

  2. Parents have to balance the strictness with love and understanding.

    1. You said it very much right.. And invariably majority do that way as the love behind makes it happen.. Thanks for the timely comment on the Post!

    2. I forgot to mention.. Double thanks for share of the Post on Google+!

  3. All parents are same when scoldings...and I scold in similar manner to my son now :)

    1. That's the natural outcome of the love behind the activities, Ranjana! And that way alone, the right growth takes place.. Thanks for the nice Comment!