Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The cute little boy got 4 interesting toys as gift from his grand father..

"Thank you, Grand Pa!"
he told the elderly man as they arrived home with the packets.. Soon the packets were opened and the toys were spread out on the floor.. 

The Little One's joy was unlimited.. The Mom interrupted and said, 

"Dear! Don't you like to share one of your toys with your friend...... and you both play together?"

said the boy holding firmly all of the toys with his extended hands..

"But he shared his toy with you last Sunday!" 
the Mom said..

"No..No.. I don't want to share!" the child started crying.. And the Mom kept her silence..

The Grand Pa soon intervened and said to the boy, "Yes, dear! You need not share your toys with your friend...... You only will play with them and keep them with you safely!"

"Dad! That boy feels bad if he sees these.. He takes care of our boy in many things and helps him out almost like a big brother!" the daughter said..

"Dear! Be cool for a while.. I understand your feelings.. But there's a way of teaching every thing.. And sure, forcing is never the right here!" said the the elderly man with all firmness and further continued..

  • "See! No doubt, sharing is a great quality with all of us but we should not forget that equally possession too is no less characteristic of ours.. And when there is a close conflict between sharing and possession, the individual alone is the right person to decide on that at any time and never the other person next to him/her however elevated or close that personality may be..
  • In case of the young one we, as Caretakers should well know about this and totally listen to our child first on what he feels like doing here and should whole heartedly help him out in doing that a 100%..
  • At the back of this total support and love of ours alone tomorrow as as our boy grows up, he equally learns to give back similar love to others with a feeling of full confidence and understanding and the requirement of your sharing quality will sure be met a 100% then!" 
Saying thus, the Grandpa, lifted the mood of the child declaring with a big smile,

"Dear! Take your toys and come with me.. We'll go to your Park, there you'll play with them and then we'll go to your Favorite Eatery........ where you will have........ and we come back.. Then we'll keep your toys safely in the cup-board and we'll take care of them when you sleep and when go to school.. Is that OK, dear?"

No doubt.... The boy's spirits were instantly high and equally as all that said was followed subsequently,

the boy returned home with double happiness and soon slept off with a great confidence within himself which the Grandpa could fully restore in no time!


  1. That was a beautiful narration sir :-)
    Cheers, Archana - www.travelwitharchie.com

    1. Thanks Archana.. Happy to have the comment on these Pages!

    2. Forgot.. Thanks again for the share on Google+!

  2. "When there is a close conflict between sharing and possession, the individual alone is the right person to decide on that at any time and never the other person next to him however elevated or close that personality may be." I couldn't agree more. :)

    1. Thanks Ravish for the supportive Comment here.. That's forever is the best and right action from our side!