Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The young man of early 20s was full of energies in his first job.
  • “I’ll put in my best effort, contribute max and shine well in my job!” 
And the Boss was the first man to make a note of that eyeing on his capabilities for his advantage.

“I’ll recommend you for the Special Training and see that you are promoted at the earliest!” was the quick promise there.

5 yrs passed. No doubt the young man contributed the best but the promised Special Training was put off and the Promotion was given a year later.

The Boss again said, “Here are the new responsibilities for which you are In-charge now. Do a good job, your next promotion will be just in 3 years!”

The man of the then 30 just nodded his head at the back of a 25% of maturity based on the earlier experience. Soon a group of freshers were with him. 
  • “My Boss might have taken some work advantage with me but as a Group In-Charge here, I’ll not do that to my Assistants and instead I will truly support there all those who do a good work!” 
he firmed up.

Again the tempo of work picked up of course, for the next 4 yrs instead of the promised 3 with every one under him putting up their whole and soul into their portion of work.

Soon they were all rewarded reasonably and the man too with his promotion but along with an indirect caution. "You are too open with your Sub-ordinates!”

Taken a back with the extra comment, he resigned the next day itself, got another job and was posted in the new Company as Group Leader. By then the man was a 50% matured personality with few of his young Managers matured at their own levels.

The next 5 yrs period was again a hectic activity.

As usual the Management talked ‘GREAT’ but the then man of early 40s believed half of that alone as true. Life continued thus and it was again the promotional time. There, a third time in his career he was told that the coming yr would be sure for that.

By then he became almost a 75% matured man at work as well as in life and quickly understood the eternal games played by all the Bosses but firmed up within.
  • "Whatever be, I'll never stoop down myself to these levels and instead I would be fair to all my people under me playing minimum diplomacy required in the situations!" 
Soon a time came up, when he was promoted as the Departmental Head with many Group Leaders reporting to him whose level of maturity on the average prevailed at 50%.

There they too discretely tried to manage their Head for their advantage which the man had to stop in the interest of all keeping an open eye on some of their dealings with their own Sub-ordinates forever keeping a faith in himself,
  • “I‘ll manage my Bosses, my smart Managers but ever encourage the Working Community with me in the best way!” 
He was soon a 90% percent matured man and was straight away made the Divisional Head.

No doubt that ‘SACRED TASK’ continued with him but his straight forward actions were never accepted at that Level as a greater diplomacy was needed to please the Bosses and the man never cared, Truthful actions too never got off from him and thus he could truly pull up many under him for their betterment in spite of at times earning the wrath of some of his top people.

Thus ended his career, he being almost a 100% matured man both at work and in life and it was the D-DAY of his RETIREMENT.

When many of the top Bosses started pouring in the usual speeches of capabilities, achievements etc etc equally at the back of certain discrete criticism, the elderly RETIRING PEPPY GENTLEMAN politely and softly set all that praise to a side and said with a smile,
  • “At work, I followed a SINGLE KNOWN PATH alone till date which I believed as the RIGHT WAY and in that context, this day I think I need not talk much about me as the ultimate taste of pudding is ever in……....” 
And there, as his voiced suddenly got chocked with an untold emotion from within, the gentle man was instantly backed by a thunderous clapping by one and all who assembled there in hundreds to SEE OFF their 'BELOVED PEPPY BOSS’ in whom each one of them could see a 'REAL PEPPY FRIEND' too for themselves on the ‘D-DAY' of his 'EXIT!’

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  1. You’re really a man of principles, faith, and discipline. Your posts hit straight into head & heart simultaneously.

    1. Oh! That's so nice of you, Ravish.. Thanks a lot for such a nice compliment.. I try my best to convey some of these messages as experienced by me as is.. Thanks once again!

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    1. That's really a good compliment from famous Writers like you, Maniparna.. Thanks for such a nice comment!

  3. Lovely... you encounter very few people with such values.. heartfealt

    1. Happy to know this and thanks for such a good comment.. Best wishes!

  4. Very enriching post sir! Hats off to you!