Wednesday, March 16, 2016


### The child traveled to his grand parents home along with his mom on a holiday of one month. Seeing the grand parents, instantly he became too active and noisy.. As the little one's activities were going beyond the safe level, the grand father decided to keep them well under control.

That day, the little boy standing on the huge bed started jumping continuously precariously going to the edges and equally started rolling over from end to end, the elderly man took the boy's favorite soft toy and said, "Dear! If you come to the edge, am going to throw this out of the house!"

The little one instantly shouted back.. "No, No, No.. Don't do that. I'll be in the center!"

And the grand pa's trick worked there 100% without a say.. The elderly man was jubilant for a while that he could control the boy in no time.

That day morning the grand father just sat 
for a while on the bed waiting for something.

The boy came in, saw his grand pa sitting on the edge of the bed and instantly screaming aloud, "Grand pa! You are now sitting on the edge. Am throwing the toy out!" threw the same favorite soft toy out of the house before the old man could respond!

### The grand mom along with other family members took him to her favorite shop to buy a good costly dress for the boy for the up coming Function.

The family for a while sat thru' the various selections at the Child Section and finally the grand mom selected one of the best dresses for the boy.

She wanted to try the same on the boy to see how the fitment was, accordingly she got it checked and found it to be a perfect fit for him.

She took the child nearer and asked him, "Dear, do you like the dress?"

The boy said,"Yes" and immediately asked, "How much it costs?"

The grand mom instantly got wondered at the boy's question and as she was about to tell him the price, the daughter smiled and said, "He means nothing. At our place whenever we go out for purchases, his dad invariably checks the price before buying and here, he's just repeating those words!"

### The vacation being over, the family moved back and it was a dull time for a while for the grand parents. After some time, the grand mom decided to buy a good gift for the little one on an occasion and send it to him.. That evening she made a video call and asked the child, "Dear! For the Festival, what gift you want from us?"

"Gold and Silver!" said the boy.

"What are you asking? They are very costly. Tell me, what else you want?" the grand mom asked again.

"Gold and silver!" repeated the boy.

"He means shining items like gold and silver as he had seen a few shining plated ones here and was fascinated by their glitter!" clarified the daughter with a smile!

### Later after some time, the child was given a few Certificates in his School and one day he was proudly showing those Certificates to his grand parents on the video call.

The grand father said, “Oh, dear! You already got 3 Certificates. Nice!”

The little one, wide eyed exclaimed, “No, I've one more!”

The elderly man asked with all curiosity, “What's that? Where's it?”

The child cutely replied, “It's my Birth Certificate and it's with dad!”


  1. Ha ha the last one was hilarious!
    How they imitate amazes me!

    1. Rightly said, Indrani.. These are almost our practical interactions of our life.. Thanks for the appreciation!

  2. Awww! This was cute sir, reminded me of how naughty my nieces are ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Thanks for the praise, Archana.. The little children forever move around with such cuteness and innocence.. Thanks for the appreciation and thanks for the share on Google+ too!

  3. Very smart kid. Looking cute in the pic. I forgot his name!

    1. That's so nice of you to say so, Ravish.. The boy's name is ACE.. Thanks for the comment!

  4. You grandson is adorable and a very smart boy too :-)

    1. Thanks a lot, Jyothi.. Happy to have such an appreciative comment for my grandson.. All these are almost our real life interactions with the boy.. Thank you once again!