Monday, March 14, 2016


"I'm a bit cynical about this place and the people here..There seems to be no basic order and well defined mode of action anywhere.. Anyhow having settled here, I got to live with all this and there's no go here..

Compared to this, take the case of the place....... There the systems and people living are truly unique. Everywhere there's a discipline and every man you meet is well aware of that. I very much love that place. Anyhow, this summer vacation, I decided to visit the place for a fortnight and explore........!"
  • "Dear! I got your point but I wish to say something here. I strongly feel that there's nothing like an absolute good place and totally a bad place around us. Every place has its own plus and minus. I equally know certain evils of the new place you've talked of so high and......."
"Sir!  Do you mean to say that those evils are not there in our own place? I too know what goes on in our place like........ These are the most common issues of every place on this earth.. What I'm saying here is.. Keeping all common issues aside for a while, the specific greatness of the new place is..........."
  • "Dear! am too not ignorant of all of that you say.. But the problem here is, if you carry such a special importance in your mind for the place you are talking of, you are likely to sideline the evil existing there to a certain extent since you proceed everywhere with an extra enthusiasm, believe beyond and are likely to be more easily targeted or made use by the evil forces of the new place. 
  • Again, by carrying constantly a remorse attitude to your place, you are likely to doubt everywhere more than required and assess the certain evil around as a greater evil thereby forever becoming non social around and constantly living with a hatred feeling unknowingly within. 
  • Both these attitudes are never in our interest as the right approach everywhere should be..
'Believe around but 
Believe with Care!'
  • And neither more nor less of it at any time. When you thus remain without taking any sides anywhere since the appreciation / condemnation indirectly misguide you, you are likely to behave as the right person in both the places with the required care from you being never neglected at any point of time. 
  • Tell me now.. Don't you want to retain this.. 
'Precious Jewel of Discrimination' 
'Encouraging the Right'
'Keeping off from the Wrong'
in all your actions instead of acting based on
'A Mere Opinion of just the Good and Bad'
out of 
Your own Feelings?"


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    1. Thanks Uppalji.. happy to hear such an appreciative comment here!

  2. Agree with Uppalji sir... Very well argued and insightful too 😊

    1. Thanks Archana.. Just a few Musings in that direction.. Love the comment.. Thanks too for share on Google+!