Friday, March 18, 2016


That's how the Sanskrit Saying glorifies the Basic Learning in the world meaning..

'(In this world) the Speaker is a Wonder; the Listener is (equally) a Wonder!'

An example of this Saying goes..

  • A night watchman on his usual rounds at mid night was shouting aloud, “Awake and be alert!” Every one woke up, looked out, re checked the locked doors and thus peacefully went back to sleep. A Great Personality too sleeping like them got up with the watchman's words and instantly thinking within, “Am I sleeping in my life?”, opened out the doors, moved towards forest to meditate and finally attained Salvation! 
Thus, any learning with an individual truly starts from this basic urge within and continuously moves in a particular direction endlessly so that all the subsequent contributions of the person from that very learning would be directly helping to meet certain requirement of world invariably existing by the side.

By carrying a high level of respect towards this Learning Process wherein the Teacher and the Student actively participate in the Curriculum of Education System around, let's get into the basic ingredients of this Learning as then alone we would be able to address the defects of this particular System if any that might have crept in over a period of time.

The main activities of this basic System of Education include:

  • Molding the personality from the tender age, 
  • Inculcating certain qualities of morals and ethics of life, 
  • Developing the basic learning skills, 
  • Expanding the knowledge base, 
  • Developing equally the competitive skills,
  • Developing special skills for taking up specific job/work etc. 
Subsequent to this basic Learning, the same is continued at advanced level thru' various Developmental Programs at work like
  • Improving the special skills related to the basic qualification / job, 
  • Developing the Managerial Skills, 
  • Developing Interpersonal Relationships, 
  • Organization Development, 
  • Personality Development, 
  • Quality Management etc. 
Thus seen in the whole structure of this Learning at any point of time, Marks or Gradation given indirectly may define the level of achievement in the specific field and as such they need to be with us all the time which instantly speak what a person is but they alone would never complete the assessment in this Complex System of Learning as the actual interactions that continuously take place over years alone speak that, whose assessment and recording truly become a difficult job.

Here, the Certificates of Achievements in the Extra Curricular Activities in which the Learner actively participated all along with a Record of a few of human traits exhibited by him/her towards higher qualities of life like

  • Caring for the fellow human being, 
  • Taking a lead in a movement, 
  • Upholding truth and justice around. 
Culminating ultimately to the quality of
  • Humility and a Service Attitude with certain level of Sacrifice from within!
complete the assessment to a great extent.

Thus seen, if an individual has to be fully evaluated in this comprehensive Learning process, no single index can speak of that as each person excels in one particular area and become almost 90-100% proficient there and that requirement too exists in the surroundings. 

As such every individual of this entire learning process overall should truly be kept on High Record for his/her dedication all along except very few individuals countable in numbers who strangely miss this very purpose of expanding in their life and suffer indirectly in spite of being fully capable of doing that!

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  2. Amazing! Yes, the basic urge should come from within, always.

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  3. Very well expressed sir... I think the listener these days is a bigger wonder than the speaker 😊

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