Saturday, March 19, 2016


I wrongly got myself into the present Profession I'm very much into.. no doubt a life time mistake I made. Initially, I was lured by better payments, many perks and other extra facilities offered by this job against my own inner deep interest which at that point of time, I could never recognize. 'It's truly a white collar job with a fast career growth' I thought in the beginning.

But all that glitter soon averaged out if not gone below the average and all that initial interest that was bubbling for a while was totally lost in me!

At that stage, I started very much envying my college friend who got into exactly the same job I loved most in my heart and on a day, I decided to make an imaginary exchange into this job to just experience the best of that job at least once in my life time. The friend too instantly agreed to help me out here with his experience so that the imagination would become almost a reality to me..

The imagination went thus.. Yes.. 

It was instantly a great proud feeling in me that I work for the Defense Forces of my country thru' a constant Technical Support to their Aircraft.. 

I was happy that I got into details of millimeters and grams while designing my aircraft.. Meaning..Precise to the core aspects of design.. 

My personality had become that of being constantly conscious of weight and clearances everywhere as I got into my active design work.. 

The core design of mine forever happened to be a constant bargain between the maneuverability and stability of the Aircraft as it flew.. 

A simple bolt costing just 10 Rupees in the market was costing a few hundreds on the Aircraft as no compromise could be made there on the safety of fitment.. 

It was forever a tug of war between how smartly my designed Aircraft would attack the enemy and how quickly it would return to the base.. 

And finally everywhere around were seen nothing but constant checks.. checks.. checks.. thus ensuring forever that the laid out procedures were followed without an exception!

Further to that implemented design, 

As the test Aircraft rolled out and took off to skies with a thunderous roar carrying the test models of my design, subsequently as it flew in the sky with all cool evidently undergoing all the required tests not making much sound except a constant murmur-like for a while and finally as the the flying bird landed with reverse thrust in full go making a deafening roaring sound with a milestone achieved in the tight schedules in front, it was truly a moment of a great happiness within me being one of the Designers behind 


Suddenly the Alarm Clock went off wildly sending a piercing sound into my ears that woke me up from the deep sleep I got into.. It took some time for me to come to senses and as I laid on the bed with my thoughts running backward, it slowly brought a smile on my face that I just dreamed of.. 

That single ever loved Profession of mine alone in which I worked for 38 yrs as Aircraft Designer and retired with all grace and pride..

And the friend with me in the dream was 

None other than 
My the then close colleague at my work!

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