Sunday, March 27, 2016


The popular Saying very much may ascertain that.. 'Old is forever gold!'
But the associated silent reality behind that Saying
forever goes thus.. 
'Equally, cruelty too was part of that old!'

If we keep this Truth in it's entirety in our mind, all that the so called old related which truly support the youth of today for their betterment and upkeep of their dignity alone should be respected and straight away be taken by them as guidelines for their future of course, ever remembering in that context that the final search in the process Viz., that does the ultimate good for them should exclusively be carried out by each of the individual alone in their life and none else on their behalf..

Thus seen, One can easily recognize all that good told to the world thru' the time tested parables, stories, sayings, proverbs, advices, speeches, guidelines etc etc interwoven with few cliches which often emphatically assert the core message of that talk and equally all of us should take the same if those Cliches truly uphold the dignity of humanity in general respecting every expression around!

In this context, the Cliches of today can broadly be classified into 3 groups,

No 1 being.. Those Cliches which are very much expressive of today's contemporary world speaking of our day to day problems around giving importance to the feelings of the youth involved there in.. 

All such Cliches which are very much on the lips of the younger generation of this day come under this group which anyhow need not be mentioned here..

No 2 being..Those Cliches which are expressive of the earlier times no doubt not much relevant to the today's language, living aspects, slang and the values but those which speak of the worthy traits of yesterday's life which truly did a great service in those days and which indirectly support the expressions of contemporary world for the ultimate betterment..

Some of these Cliches may look rough or crude on the face of their saying and a little funny as well but never aim at to speak lesser of any segment of the world. These have their own value and importance in our today's living if one looks at them a bit deeper and we all can truly be benefited thru' these sayings.. A few examples of these Cliches which the modern generation may not be aware of are..

In the nick of the time,
At the speed of the light,
As old as the hills,
Brave as lion; weak as kitten,
Frightened to death,
The writing on the wall,
waking up on the wrong side of the bed,
till the cows come home,
It's Greek and Latin,
love may be blind but neighbors aren't etc.

And finally to say the No 3 being.. Those Cliches which of course, not relevant to today's times but which had their footing in times when certain dictatory forces ruled indirectly the world very much suppressing the freedom of speech and expression around and were forcibly made popular, they, a 100% need to be taken out from today's list, never to be allowed by any civilized community to speak of and have to totally be driven away from the today's cultural values and vibrations.. In fact, the single statement for all that doing is..

Strictly kill all these Cliches mercilessly without an exception which any how can never be listed on these Sacred Pages at any point of time in our life!

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  1. I agree, change is the only constant!

    1. Thanks Mridula.. A welcome comment on these Pages!

  2. again an interesting thought i have read here. liked it a lot.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation, jyotirmoy.. Love the comment!

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    1. Thanks Bushra for the appreciative comment!

  4. Very interesting thought here. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I always wondered about the cows coming home...
    You remember popular phrase sir? The English have gone but have left the language here :-) Though I must say I use a lot of these phrases :-p

    1. Yes.. Rightly said, Archana.. Some of these just simply roller over in our day to day conversations without our own knowledge.. Thanks for the comment!