Friday, April 1, 2016


This is the story that comes to my mind whenever I feel that I'm right..

"It was a trouble some moment in the life of the man.

  • 'Is there a way out here?' 
He questioned himself. And there sure was answer within..
  • 'Just Praying to God with a promise to keep a certain discipline in my life!'
But that implementation needed repeated reminders and assistance from outside else the spirit could be lost soon. For that, the man instantly thought of a few gadgets..
  • The day's paper slip on the wall calendar would be taken off only when the regime for the day was fully followed, 
  • The daily reminders on the mobile phone would repeatedly remind on the discipline required, 
  • A special attire on self would constantly remind the purpose of that discipline and propel in that direction.. 
All along the Sacred Book Srimad Bhagavad Gita would be on the table as Witness to the planned self control regime!

The Almighty's Grace was with him and the tense moment passed. With all sincerity, he started his strict discipline of activities from the next day onward to the core..

Soon, life had become a little busy.. After the day's work, few new problems were in front which were necessarily to be resolved and the job was well done for few days.. But quickly, they increased in numbers.. And there was no go there.. The energies had to be diverted in that direction..

  • The immediate light thoughts were.. 'Yes! Here the mind needs some relaxation else I'll be doing forever the job of attending to the requirements alone!' 
  • In a short time they took a certain momentum.. 'This life is to be lived properly. It's meant for that!' 
  • The next line of thoughts were.. 'One life is in front and why not relax here a bit and go cool!' 
  • Soon, an auto suggestion followed saying.. 'Why should I feel less here?'
  • And of course, further down the line the final assertion was.. 'Life is great. It's worth living this way!' 
And subsequent to that, there was no need to say that
  • The special attire hanging in the wardrobe since many days, 
  • The reminders on the mobile that got instantly dismissed all the days continuously and 
  • The many daily calendar papers intact on the wall 
were discretely smiling behind as the days passed thus!

And equally the Sacred Book Srimad Bhagavad Gita kept on the Table was a silent witness to all that happening where in Sloka 60 Chapter II forever reiterated,

'yatato hyapi kaunteya purashasya vipaschitah;
Indriyaani pramaatheeni haranthi prasabham manah!'

'The turbulent senses O Arjuna! do violently carry away (in no time) even the mind of a wise (determined) man though he is striving (maximum to control them)!'"

Whenever I remember such a feasibility of change over in my life in respect of the firm decisions taken earlier, I instantly muse within myself..

What else can really be the great Prank I can play on any one around me on this April 1st other than playing it on myself at this point of time ever struggling to bridge the gap between the oaths I have taken earlier in respect of following certain disciplines in various walks of my life and the deviated life I am presently leading today thru' the force of habit?

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  1. Your words always make my mind calm and peaceful.... :-)

    1. Thanks for the appreciation! It's a humble presentation out of my own intuition....

  2. Wise words and observations. A learning experience for me always!

  3. I always feel you are too wise for me. How stupid I am :)

    1. Thanks Tomichan.. They are a few thoughts of Reality that suddenly spring up in my mind which I express thru' my these Blog Posts!

  4. How beautifully you have portrayed the struggle.

  5. This post is a gentle reminder to all of us to become more disciplined in life and probably take a leaf out of your book sir...

    1. Oh, that's so great of you Sunita Sriram.. Very happy to see such a good comment on these Pages.. Thanks a lot!

  6. You have explained an important aspect of human nature in a very humorous way. A close parallel to this is New Year's resolution that people make. :) Ideally, we must strive to become like Arjuna - when Guru Drona asked what all do you see, Arjuna replied "I see only the fish's eye".

    My Post: Arise Awake Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached

    1. You said very much right, Subhodeep.. We should forever try our best in this direction and should not rest till then.. Love your detailed Comment.. Thank you very much!

  7. A wonderful portrayal of the struggle sir! Love your wise words and insightful posts!

    1. That's so nice to say so, Archana.. So kind of you.. Thanks for the valuable comment here!

    2. Thanks for share on Google+ too!