Wednesday, March 9, 2016


  • “I've a problem with my......... I'm not able to operate………”
the man requested for a solution through E-mail.. And pat came the reply..
  • "Thank you for contacting us.. Your problem will be resolved in 2 days time!” 
The man waited and sure got a call after 2 days..
  • “Sir! There's a problem with the Software and right now we are working to set right...... Please bear with us for one more day.. Sorry for the inconvenience!” 
Got agitated with the reply, the man raised the level and shot a mail with a copy to the GM. 
  • “Your staff are unable to address my problem…..” 
The next day, he received a mail from the GM himself which stated..
  • “Sir! I'm very sorry on behalf of our staff for not able to resolve your issue in time. I ordered them to look into this on priority and your issue will be resolved by tomorrow itself.. 
  • By the way, for the trouble we had give you, we decided immediately to upgrade your status as our Esteemed Customer. Please visit us at your convenient time to experience this new service and come in contact our new products offered with a discount specially for you. Hope you make use of this opportunity!” 
The man became cool and felt confident that ultimately it worked. He wanted to advantage of the new Facility given to him and accordingly, he visited, experienced the good Service and returned with a few Products at discounted price. No doubt, his problem was set right the next day but intermittent failures continued!

The man finally got fed up and straight away wrote to the CEO on the persistent problem with him with no solution from down the line.

The very next day, he got a mail directly from the CEO himself. Through the mail, the CEO profusely apologized on behalf of his staff for the delay and promised a speedy solution. He further wrote,

  • "Sir! For the deficiency in the timely customer care from our end, I offer you and your spouse a free 2 day stay in our Hotel in the Picturesque..... Please make use of this offer and enjoy your visit!" 
The man was truly thrilled. He instantly planned, went on a trip, enjoyed the stay and returned happily. His problem too, no doubt was resolved in the end!

After a while, one evening while he was on his usual walk in the park, he happened to overhear a certain conversation next to him.

  • “Now a days some of these concessional offers have a trick behind. Through these, the operators in the field straight away push unsold products on their customers, equally promote their new products and indirectly bring in customers to their Ventures during lean times.. But these costs are again indirectly recovered through the extra charges laid on the other facilities used by those customers at these places!”