Monday, March 7, 2016


The car door might have been closed, locked and in addition the 'child lock' too switched on

But still we are advised not to lean on to the door and keep off as the vehicle zooms!

The sophisticated Aircraft might have been fully automated where in the Flying Machine can land perfectly and safely in thick fog conditions too without a single look outside

But still the cockpit is ever equipped with basic instruments and controls for direct manual application too, in addition!

The electrical appliances might have been made shock proof thru' earthing, double earthing a few times backed by stringent standards of safety in manufacture and supply

But still we are advised to keep off whenever the appliances are in use!

The lift might have been fully automated, provided with instant communication facilities for emergency hold ups and checked fully for safety of operations

But still a few times countable in numbers, they are avoided in order not to get trapped, when it's possible to use the stairs!

The thick walled steel wardrobes at home might have been kept locked, double locked, further the home itself is firmly locked/bolted and carefully checked before going out or going to bed

But still we are advised to keep all the extra cash and valuables in a reputed bank!

Many nutrients and essentials might have been added to foods on shelves and further checked for stringent quality and safety in use

But still it is often advised to use the food direct from Nature!

Stringent travel plans might have been made backed by good monies in purse, essentials in carry bags, emergency contacts in phone book and details of instant stop-overs in the mind

But still while leaving, the ever Green Message/Wish often passed on is ‘Take Care, Good luck!’

The man may too often, believe in money, power, status with the related forts and people around

But still constantly wishes for ‘Lady Luck’ to favor him!

As Uncertainty goes thus everywhere with Fear eternally ruling around in spite of the best care taken, the only way in front of one forever is oneself Surrendering to the Almighty thru' a Sincere Prayer alone and none else!

On this Auspicious Day of Mahashivratri invariably that Single Prayer at heart to Lord Shiva for the Ultimate Care goes thus..

'Om Trayambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanath
Mrytor Mukshiya Mamrutat.'

'We worship the three eyed one lord shiva who is of spiritual essence and nourishes all beings. May he severe our bondage of samsara and thus liberate us!'


  1. Sir, wish you a happy Mahashivaratri :)

    1. Thank you Ravish.. Wish you too a happy Mahashivratri!

  2. Such a beautiful and philosophical post. Loved reading it.
    Happy MahaShivaRatri Sir :)

    1. Your appreciation is highly welcome, Purba.. Wish you and your family too a happy Mahashivratri!

  3. What a philosophical post sir! Belated Mahashivratri wishes to you and the family 😊

    1. Oh.. Thank you very much, Archana.. Wish you and Desh too a happy Mahashivratri!

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