Sunday, March 13, 2016


At the back of a great enthusiasm and with the help of the Time Machine, I traveled into my Past to correct a few of mistakes done by me in the Past because of which I find a certain quality of life missing with me Today..

But there as that correction needed a specific time of undoing, I quickly found that spending my quality time there definitely was going to affect my Present the other way which once again I could not afford..

Subsequently, I traveled back to the Present and further thought of traveling into Future to see what is in store for me there but that thought instantly reminded me of wasting my time unnecessarily musing beyond which once again was seen affecting my Present..

I instantly firmed up..

Let the Past be Past.. And let the Future be the Future.. I don't want into get into all this dead as well as promised worlds of mine losing the lively Today's world of mine..

This Present with me is all Sacred, sure Worth Living and Divine one hundred percent.. And such a Present living to the best of my abilities alone wards off the evils of my Past and molds my  Future.. And that living again truly needs every sec of this day and every bit of energy of this moment..

Let me thus divert myself here to the sacred tasks in front and thus truly rise in my life for the ultimate happiness and peace.. And nothing else is great in this scenario!

Thank you Time Machine for the timely help.. Sorry, there's no further time for you!

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  1. Very well said. This kind of reading generates a lot of positive energy. Thanks.

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    1. Rightly said, Jyoti.. We should concentrate as much as possible on the Present.. That's the best discipline with us.. Thanks for the comment!

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    1. Thanks Chaitali.. Truly the best comment here!