Sunday, April 17, 2016


"Let's visit to night that corner abandoned warehouse for fun.." proposed the young man with a great zeal seen on his face.

"Why all that trouble? We'll relax comfortably in our place watching our favorite TV program.." suggested his friend coolly.

"It's going to be a real thrill. What's the point in staying at home watching the stereotyped TV Programs? Let's do something different for a while!" said the young man.

"There's no watchman too there. The earlier man had abandoned the place long back. Why to go to such place where none ventures? I'm scared!" said the friend.

"Hi! Come on.. Once in away, we should actively involve in such things.. Otherwise, what's the meaning to our life?" pulled on the young man.

There was no go for the friend. After dinner that night, they both ventured out by foot towards the so called abandoned warehouse along with 2 good torches.. As they neared the building they noticed that..

The front doors of the huge 2 storied house were removed long back as the owner of the house himself had abandoned the place for a while due some bad luck that happened to him and after that none ventured to look at that for a while..

The floor was with full of dirt, dry leaves and stones and the dry leaves made lots of creaking sounds as the duo went round. The roofs of the rooms were full of hanging cob webs and at certain places the same simply landed on them totally covering them up with simultaneous  constant creaking sounds made by creatures around. The young men thus moved around the place for about an hr, had gone on to the roof over a narrow staircase and thus spent some time there looking at the dark sky..

Suddenly a soft thing fell on the second man from top, making the man scream aloud saying  'My God.. I'm caught!' who instantly ran out of the abandoned house, soon reached his place and firmly bolted the door from inside of his home all along sweating profusely and his heart pounding hard..

The first friend carefully looked around, picked up a torn over coat that accidentally descended on his friend from a hanging position on the top and having noted that fact continued his further study with all calmness..

  • Soon the first young man made a rough sketch of the plan of the building noting down type of the floor, size of the rooms, types of internal doors, sills, walls etc and thus himself got into a totally serious activity of declaring aloud to the world that he alone personally made all that survey thru' a dedicated search!
  • And from that night he lived thru' a man a great strength within knowing fully well that the abandoned warehouse is just another building and if fully renovated and majority of community around got cleared of a wrong belief that entered their minds..
  • The second young man who was forcibly pulled in, moved with desperate feeling at the back of the hanging cobwebs seen as bad omen, the rattling sounds of the dry leaves heard as the devil moving around, climbing thru' the twisted suitcase felt as a nightmare of being caught in a narrow passage and the moonless night looking totally threatening, soon reached a collapsing stage having run out of his energies all along with a single thought in his mind.. 'When am I getting out of this place?'
  • And soon he firmed up within not to think, talk, go near to of that as well as similar buildings for a life time forget about the thought of living in such a place! 
There was Message from Above..

'I provided the same Enquiry Spirit equally in all to establish Truth and thus live in Peace. Finally it's the man alone that makes or mars his life; none else can do that!

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