Wednesday, April 13, 2016


“Sir! I am very much fascinated by the Speeches of the Renowned Man and the inspiration He brings in the audience through certain great examples..
  • What Spirituality is.. He simply keeps in front of you like an open fruit.. 
  • His memory is wonderful and He often quotes from the Corners of Sacred Books various Stories, Parables, Sayings and the Advices given by our Ancient Great Personalities.. 
  • His voice is ever clear and heard so distinctly to a great distance.. 
  • He really brings in a Change in the people ardently listening to Him and thus helps all! 
After listening to Him a few times, the Spiritual Thinking and Spiritual Discipline aspects became crystal clear to me which earlier were really a bundle of confusion myself being never clear about the right and wrong!”

“My dear! I understand what all you say and I very much agree that
  • The Personality you are talking of is truly a Great Man, 
  • I can say surely that He is doing a Yeoman Service to the society by teaching the good and thus helping out all at large and 
  • He is truly the Great Guidance for many of us who forever tussle between the right and the wrong endlessly.. 
But there's a small explanation here..

I am fascinated by something indirectly.. Means that it's not Spirituality but still materialism alone prevailing may be at a refined level. Meaning.. I've shifted the life of normal living to a plane of special living but still my involvement, my feelings of pleasure and pain and my interests are the same in me as usual. Thus truly speaking, there's no actual change that occurred in me and I'm the 'Same!'"

"Then if whatever we do is not Spiritual, what else is Spirituality? I'm totally confused with what you are saying!"

"Dear! I am not saying that we cannot be in the Path of Spirituality.. I affirm a 100% that every one can be and it doesn't need any special qualification or status or support for me to be in that Path.. And here, the broad guidelines of understanding for me as I pursue this Path are..
  • What is know to my mind is not the Ultimate as the Ultimate can never be perceived thru' my limited mind.. 
  • Every path of pursuit one is determined to follow sincerely will lead to that Ultimate and there's no doubt here.. 
  • All the Elevated Men definitely guide me here but the actual progress of mine is out of my own push within and no Great Person by my side can ever as well as will never do that for me out of His Own Love for me.. 
  • Whenever I feel that I've reached a certain level where things look truly crystal clear to me, I should remember that it's just another level alone and the actual Goal in front of me is at infinity.. 
And finally to say, for ordinary mortals like us, the Ever Golden Rule is..
  • Philosophical Pursuit is nothing but the attitude of living with a lighter feeling within me with an Unfailing Faith that ultimately He alone does everything as I start doing my ordained duties with me to the best of my abilities ever ready to face odds of life as they come up!"


  1. Beautiful post, Sir. Loved the concluding paragraph :)

    1. Thanks Purba for the appreciative comment!