Friday, April 15, 2016


The 3 Core Aspects of Management which I should ever remember as a good Manager are,
  • True Management is effective only when I firmly believe myself that everyone is with me and they will support me all along. If I enter the Arena with a feeling that none is welcoming me and I should proceed with a protective cover, it soon creates too many problems around.. 
  • If my selfish motives are well controlled, often I would be a much better Manager than expected of me..
  • Management as a double edged weapon is many times required because not that the other man’s temper alone is to be kept under control; mine too.. That too, very often! 
The 4 basic Tools of Management that invariably I need to use when the situations become volatile are,
  • The art of keeping as much silence as possible where in the situation improves and the burning issues get sidelined temporarily.. 

  • The technique of listening to what all is being talked of, smiling in between but invariably firming up only on the solution proposed at the starting point itself.. 
  • The skill of being a total listener except saying in between.. ‘OK, I know, Yes..Yes, I agree, Nice, Really, Is it so?, Oh, that's Great..’ etc..etc and nothing more..
  • The strategy of just repeating for the time being, ‘Ok.. It's alright.. Alright.. It's Ok.. Ok..' and slowly withdrawing from the scene in the interest my personal safety!  
The 3 dangerous Tempting Practices of Management which I should ever refrain from using are,

  • The knack of relaxing myself when two others talk seriously as sooner or later I' got to pay back double to triple of that ease taken..
  • The trick of entering in the middle and leaving before closure to avoid certain pains taking decisions in a predicted tough situation..
  • The oft played game of looking at my next man saying the 4 words, ‘What do you say?’ wherein I may temporarily be seen as the smart man of the situation but sooner in the process, I'll definitely be making more enemies than I can count!


  1. Very apt points sir.. esp the dangerous practices!

    1. Thanks Archana.. A few thoughts in this direction.. Equally thanks for share on Google+!

  2. Very useful information ! Thank you sir !!

  3. Very useful information ! Thank you sir !!