Tuesday, July 3, 2018


The man mused,

  • "How nice it would be if the pleasant moment of my life stays as long I wish and the unpleasant one passes the quickest!"
The Good Spirit by his side instantly blessed him with that boon but to happen only once in the life time..

The man became very happy and in no time started living his life with totally a new vigor knowing well that he had with him the greatest boon..

Soon, the ups and downs of life started pouring in but the man started waiting for the best and avoiding the worst part of that..

Whenever a pleasant situation of certain value was in front of him, he used to think,

  • "Why only this much for a life time? I may experience totally a new one in the coming days, who knows? Why not wait for that?"
Equally, when a difficult situation of certain pain was in front, he used to think,
  • "Who knows.. More difficult one may turn up in no time? Why not live thru' this 'as is' without making use of my boon?"
That thinking in a short time brought a newness to his life style ready to put up with more and more toughness part of it that mental make up in turn, making him see life more interesting and challenging..

Soon he started firming up,

  • "If I end up with the pleasantness here making use of my boon, my precious time of facing these interesting challenges of life is sure lost once for all. Left to myself, I should never allow that to happen.. Better, I start living thru' these so called pleasant situations with a certain humility so that they pass leaving a minimum impact on me!"
That again taught him the way of remaining untouched by success and pleasantness of life ever ready to come out of his comfort zone remaining simple and humble all along..

Soon he understood the bottom of

The core message of human life on the earth..

"Let me be ever ready to be

Useful and helpful to others everywhere


Keeping off from the comfort and pleasant part of my life as much possible

And thus

Get into a realistic life of facing challenges and difficulties

Thereby continuously experiencing totally a new life filled with

Calmness, Serenity and Peace

In place of the usual

Fear, Anxiety and Tension!"

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