Monday, May 9, 2016


    "Stay near to the class room when your brother is inside and bring him back in 2 hrs requesting the Teacher. That would be enough for him on the first day!"

    were the words she told my elder brother who accompanied me on my first day Schooling, 1:1 knowing my helpless state in that situation.

    “Dear! Whenever you are afraid of bad dreams coming to you, repeat the following Sloka of Strength..

    'Ramaskandham hanumantham vainateyam vrkodaram
    shayane yah smarennithyam duh swapnam thasya nasyathi'

    When you thus remember Lord Hanuman, Garuda and Bheema before going to sleep who are forever the Mighty, Strong and Powerful by our side, bad dreams can never occur to you and you will sleep well!” 

    was the firm assurance she planted in me at 9 when certain unknown fears were haunting me all along..

    “Dear! Our Epic Story says that the Devas’ King Indra, the Lord of Rain God as he travels in the Sky in his Chariot, the constant rubbing with the clouds produces the lightening and thunders. So if you 
    praise Prince Arjuna Indra's son, Indra is pleased with you and instructs the Rain God to go soft without making such a blinding lightening and loud thunders. Say..

    Arjunah Palghunah Paarthah Kireethih Swethavahanah
    Bheebhastuh Vijayah Krishnah Savyasaachih Dhananjayah!

    you are safe and lightening and thunders can do nothing to you!”

    was another firm assurance she planted in me at 12 when my fears of lightening and thunders were ruling me and she had to leave me alone to travel to native place..

    "Dear! We will do all this work ourselves independently and rise to the occasion!"

    were the words of confidence she implanted in me at 16 on an occasion of relocating home to another town when my father could not accompany us..

    'My mother's confident good advice with a list of dos and don'ts in the new place 2000 km away and with home made Pickles and Recipes by my side' 

    made me feel my first time Hostel life at 22 almost like another Home!

    And thus having left me on my own with subsequent job and family responsibilities in due course, my mother eternally too left me in the year 1985 when she breathed her last!

    Thus seen in total...

    • I was the weakest at that point of time but never felt so..
    • My knowing and emotionally identifying was totally the work of hers the beginning of which is never known to me even today..
    • I was fully into the interacting activity from the day one as my mom with me started responding instantly there the beginning of which is simply unknown to me for a life time..
    • I speak fluently this day in that one language of my mother and truly speaking I don't know how I picked it up..
    • Call it singly, 'growing up' may be just a 9 lettered word but go by the substance part of it, it's a vast learning imparted to me by my mother from scratch to almost 22-25 yrs who all those years never left a single stone unturned in the process!
    Mom, I have truly stood as the right man in this world eternally ready to do good around at the back of world praising you indirectly every time I did a good act and thus truly honoring you for the noblest job done by you.. 

    And Mom I promise.. This would sure continue for the rest of my life having you made me totally an up-right man in my life out of almost nothing in the beginning!

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    2. Mothers are the angels. Feeling emotional reading your post.

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    3. What an emotional post sir... thank you for sharing... :-)

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