Tuesday, May 10, 2016


On a pleasant day..
  • “Hi Mahesh! I need a helping hand. Can you just look into this and give me a feed back?” 
  • “Sir! I already have the imp task of.... assigned to me by you alone. I can only be supportive for a short time for your problem.. Can I know that?"
  • “Thank you dear! You have to spend just only an hr here………” 
  • "OK, Sir.. I'll get back to you by afternoon!"
The next day..

  • “Mr Mahesh! One more small help..” 
  • "Sir! I supported my best here. Further I doubt I can do anything extra.. I'm sorry!”  
  • “Dear! Am your Boss and you are forgetting that.. Is everything OK?" 
  • “Sir, I agree to that but this moment am sitting tight with OT to complete all this imp work.. Really I can't do beyond!"
The third day..
  • “Hi! Suresh! I need a helping hand. Can you just look into this and give me a feed back?” 
  • "Sir! My main work is pending and...... OK, tell me what to do.." 
  • “Thank you dear! You have to spend just an hr here………” 
  • “Done! I’ll give my feed back by afternoon!” 
A week later..
  • “Mr Suresh! One more small help..” 
  • “Sir! Already my main work has got delayed.. OK.. Leave it.. I'll get this by tomorrow evening!” 
One month later..
  • “Hi! Suresh! One moment...” 
  • “Sir! am sorry.. Right now, I got to be on my Job and....” 
  • “Dear! Am your Boss and you are forgetting that.. Is everything OK?" 
  • "Sir...."
  • "Please don't get into argument.. Go and find out…. I want to know….. “ 
A few months later..
  • “Mr Suresh! Where were you all this time? Your Main Work has not progressed much and…..” 
  • “Sir! I was doing your other work till this time and now only I'm free to take up my regular task...” 
  • “Dear! Giving reasons to Boss? Don’t say that time was not there. You had 24 hrs daily in front all these days.. You could have straight away planned completion of both the Tasks.. This year’s Promotions are due and I got to fill your Appraisal now with such a mess in front.. I don't know what to write.. Try doing something concrete dear!” 
  • "?????" 
The next day, heard from the Chambers of the same Boss in low tone..
  • “Hello Mahesh.. Thank you very much, dear! You've just done the job in time and our Client is happy.. He personally told me this yesterday.. Really good planning and dedication.. Am straight away recommending for your Promotion this year.......” 
  • "Thank you, Sir!"


  1. Hahaha..look ate the hypocrisy of the Boos. He replaced 'su' with 'Mu when it came to promotions,poor Suresh ! Bosses be like 'We are a team, you work for both of us' ...interesting and humorous post :)

    1. Thanks a lot for posting one of the best Comments on this Page....

  2. This always seems to happen, and it is a delicate balance on how to juggle between the two sets of things to do!

    1. Very rightly said, Priyanka.. That should ever be our aim to do so but softly as well as at the back of no in-subordination in the process.. To make the Message more expressive, I added an extra single dialogue in the beginning on how to avoid in-subordination in such instances.. Thanks for such a explanatory supportive comment on the Post!

  3. Oh my god !! This was really appreciable sir !! Loved it.

    1. Thanks Shraddha.. Your Comment is highly welcome here.. I made the Topic more clear by adding an additional dialogue in the beginning.. You may read it which clarifies that in-subordination should never be an aim here!

  4. I dont know why this happens... :(

    1. That's very much the right comment here, Archana.. Many Bosses may appear sweet but they all the time indirectly have the aim of fulfilling their goals the max unless their goals have a link equally to the growth of their subordinates. Whatever, the safety net for a subordinate forever is do the sincere work, avoid in-subordination but be smart enough not to be caught in such a scenario.. To make it more clear, I modified the Post adding one more dialogue to the Post in the beginning. Thanks for the nice comment here and for sharing my Post on G+!