Saturday, May 28, 2016


This week's Indispire Prompt Viz., Character(s) from movie(s) or movie(s) that have impressed or influenced you. #Movies made me think of a small story before I say something on the specific topic. The story goes thus..

An Emperor decided to build a Classic Palace in his Empire. He felt that life of an Emperor would not be worth without doing such a special task. Soon the great work was in full swing with the total participation of the Emperor in all crucial decisions where the men working there truly participated for the Specific Cause where in

  • Many designs were studied; a few selected as the best, further discussed and finalized on one of the rarest.. 
  • The materials from different corners of the world hitherto no one procured were thought of, the same ordered and got shipped with extra care.. 
  • The processes were evaluated in real time, the total Engineering skills were put into them and every step was followed to the root level.. 
  • In respect of the construction ordeals and the specific experiences of the passion expressed, the team were a category to themselves and the Emperor thought of unveiling those memories in the form of a Special Book on the Inauguration Day! 

At the back of all those, finally stood the Classic Construction Piece readied in time as planned. No doubt, the Emperor had such a Great Passion in his life!

The moment inauguration plans were heard, A few people in close circles of the Emperor started suggesting him on how to decorate the beautiful Palace to make it look as the Ultimate Piece of Gold. There alone, the Emperor believed beyond and when he just said 'Yes', a hundred and one specialists were at his doorstep to complete the decoration activity.

Praising the Emperor in bringing out such a rare Piece of Art, the so called specialists instantly started discussions and deliberations with the Court Officials without too much of the Emperor's involvement fixing the time frames, how much to spend, when and where etc, etc on the so called decoration activity.

In the midst of those hectic activities on a day, a Great Artist visited the Emperor and was shown the new Palace. The Artist from a distance had a single look at the Palace and simply said,
  • “Oh, Emperor! The Palace by itself stands here as a Unique Piece of Decoration to the surroundings complete by itself. What other more decorations are needed here for it to appear better?”
The Emperor had no answer for the Artist's comment. The Great Man continued,
  • “Your Majesty! The Artistic Quality in you had truly brought out the Original Expression to the Palace. Vested interests around you are now making a hay out of this Originality and as an Emperor, you are allowing that without saying a firm 'NO'.. Don't you want to do justice to the Original Art?”
The Emperor instantly realized the biggest mistake he was doing by being a passive on-looker in the situation and immediately issued stop orders on the decoration work simultaneously dedicating the Palace to the people of his Empire!

The story may go thus but the moral of the story says.. 
  • 'Art forever is a 'Single Piece of Expression unedited'.. Dividing the same is just impossible and attaching bits and pieces to it too is equally a mirage!'
Such Art studded Movies no doubt are/were with us and each of one of such movies is a Classic Piece by itself thru' the expression of the prime Artistic Quality of the Artists involved together in the process all the inhibitions and constraints taken out at one stroke!

Where such Original Qualities of all those great Artists together were expressed in the form of a one Unique Stage Performance, a single Master Piece Movie was out and such Movies in time truly influenced our society, it's people and the related cultural aspects in the past as well as doing in the present..

I sincerely believe that all such Great Movies coming under a single category where in the original Art is brought out as is as much as possible are truly the Movies that influenced me in the past and the names of all those Movies may not be needed here as every one around sure would be knowing about those at one point of time or the other in their life like Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje, Do Ankhen Barah Haath, Navrang, The Ten Commandments, Mecanna's Gold, The Sound of Music etc.. a few to quote.

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  1. I wish you named at least a few! :D

    1. Thanks Mridula for bringing out the missing part of the Post.. I added a few to quote in this context!

  2. Agree with Mridula, given the title of this post...

    1. Yes, Rajeev you are right.. I did the correction.. Thanks for the required comment here!

  3. Do ankhe barah haath was a wonderful V Shantaram movie... Personally, I am impressed by the works of Shyam Benegal and Vishal Bharadwaj very much. Their movie making is impeccable.

    1. Very rightly said Bushra.. There are truly Unique Artistic Movies with us of course may not be many and they are a class to themselves.. Thanks for the good observation in this context!

  4. What a way to lead up to the actual list of inspiring movies. The build up dies justice to the movies mentioned

    1. Thanks Sujatha for the good comment.. Just a few thoughts in this direction.. Nicely said!